Hair Fairies is a nationwide, full service clinical salon dedicated to removing head lice safely and effectively. Visit our kid-friendly salons or use our full line of products in the comfort of your home.

We evaluate.

Hair Fairies Technicians manually screen hair for lice and nits.
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We nit-pick.

Our cream & tools remove lice and nits safely and effectively.
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We treat.

Our process helps prevent lice and nits from returning to your hair.
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Reimbursed by most insurance.

About Us

We care, we nurture and we educate

Hair Fairies™ is the only full service clinical salon nationwide dedicated to removing head lice safely, effectively and in a kid-friendly environment. Our combination of highly trained Hair Fairies Technicians and patented combs, non-toxic shampoos and rinses leads to the fast and safe removal of nits and lice. In business since 1999, we have rid thousands of children and families from these persistent parasites.

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During the first step, specially trained Hair Fairies manually screen the hair for nits and lice. It is recommended that the entire family come in for an evaluation, as it is highly possible that more than one family member may be infested.

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If nits and lice are found, our Hair Fairies move on to step two, which is manually removing the parasites. Our combination of highly trained Hair Fairies and patented combs and rinses leads to the fast and safe removal of the nits and lice.

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The final step of the process is the application of our non-toxic treatment. During this process our Hair Fairies use a patented all natural non-toxic shampoo. The shampoo damages the nervous system of the bugs and loosens the glue that attaches the egg to the hair.


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