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Fall is Here!!!!

Fall is here and Hair Fairies loves to celebrate the festivities that October brings. From the pumpkin and cinnamon coffee, to sweet treats and cute sweaters you can wear. The leaves are different colors falling from the trees and children are out enjoy the cool breeze. Hair Fairies loves October!!!

Path To Self Improvement

The path to self improvement can certainly be quite difficult, especially if you do not know where to start. Take it slow if you have to, baby steps. Becoming disciplined is the first step, this will help you achieve many things; every successful person is well disciplined! Have  positive thinking: this will for sure diminish many negative thoughts and bring out the best person you can be. Set your goals: The feeling of being able to achieve a goal is so fulfilling, it will make you realize what you really want in life. We all have our own ways in heading to the path of self improvement, and it is never too late to start.

Brady Bunch Affair

Its' a Brady Bunch affair, In Dallas we serviced a wonderful blended family, Mom, Dad and a total of 3 boys and 3 girls. I truly want to thank you guys for coming in and working together as a unite. It really does help when families come together and make sure that everyone is checked and treated in a family to ensure that everyone remains lice free! You guys are amazing, and your kids were absolutely delightful! I'm glad that Hair Fairies, the head lice helpers were able to service you all. 

Hair Fairies love to Help!

 Hair Fairies tries to help each and every family with lice. We know the time and cost can be a bit much for families so we work around your schedule and offer as much help as we can. We provide promotions and guarantee your family after everyone is checked or treated by us. Hair Fairies main goal is to rid you of lice while educating, nurturing and caring for each person that we encounter.
Halloween Is Coming To Hair Fairies! and definitely in San Francisco!

Halloween Is Coming To Hair Fairies! and definitely in San Francisco!

We are starting Halloween a bit early this month! Any free time today we had our Hair Fairies began to put out our Halloween decorations. We putt up our ghost and spider webs just to prepare, but this is just the beginning! If you haven't check us out in San Francisco, Hair Fairies SF is location at 2238 Fillmore street, SF CA 94115, and you can get more information at www.hairfairies.com

Tis' The Lice Season

This past week at Hair Fairies Burlingame has been quite busy, which means, It's LICE SEASON! Since school has been in session for quite a while now, we've also been doing more lice screenings at schools.We're glad that many schools are being proactive and are helping to prevent head lice from spreading any further. To make sure you don't catch it this year, please refrain from head-to-head contact, keep your hair up in buns or braids, and also use our Prevention Oil, which will act as a protection barrier and shield for head lice. Be sure to pick a bottle up from any of our locations or check out our online store. http://www.hairfairies. com/salons.htm

Team Work!!!

 Team work makes the dream work. Hair Fairies believes in team work and in reaching that ultimate goal. Ours is making sure everyone is lice free, educated on it and know how to check for themselves. We care, nurture and educate every person that comes in, and we have each others back and if one person is falling behind we make sure as a unit we get them back on track. Hair Fairies is a team that makes sure everyone is able to perform outstanding.
Bagel, Bagels, and More Bagels!

Bagel, Bagels, and More Bagels!

 Bagels bagels and more bagels! 
Did you know hair fairies have monthly meetings for all locations to meet and teleconference with one another?! We value feedback and deeper connections not just for our clients but for our employees, so we set up these meetings to go over memos and policies. Here at Hair Fairies San Francisco, we had bagels and Orange juice from Noah's Bagels!  We would get a box of a dozen! Here's a pic! 
Hair Fairies San Francisco

Hair Fairies San Francisco

 Did you know Hair Fairies was on the news the last weeks? If you haven't read or heard about these drug resistant critters, you must read the article at our location! We posted this article and more on our corkboard at hair fairies San Francisco! Other hair fairies locations in Los Angeles, Chicago- IL, Texas-Dal, and NY -NY also were interviewed by local news stations! 
New Toys

New Toys

At Hair Fairies we strive to make your visits as comfortable as possible! We have toys, books, movies that everyone in the family will love, anything to help you and your family have an easy treatment. This morning we received an awesome little toy in the mail and tested it out on a little client who had never seen or played with such a toy in her life! At the beginning of her treatment she was a little scared, fussy and a little irate about missing school. She declined movie after movie, and after about twenty minutes later, in walks the mailman with a strange little package. I handed her this strange little toy and like magic she played blissfully for the remainder of her treatment! She even asked her mom if she could buy her one to show off at school! 

Memories To Last A Lifetime

Memories To Last A Lifetime

After a very long treatment one of our clients asked to have a nit taped to a postcard so she could keep it in her memory box and caption it, "The time I had a big infestation of lice in the beginning of fourth grade and the Hair Fairies made it disappear."

Halloween Is Right Around The Corner

Halloween isn't too far from now! Is everyone ready to dress up in awesome costumes? We sure are! When it comes to trying on costumes and hats at costume stores, please be extra cautious! You do not know who else has been wearing it prior to you, that can be a sure way in catching Head lice. For preventative measures try out our Nit-Zapping Clenz Prevention Oil, It wards off lice and acts as a protection barrier. Three main ingredients of this prevention oil are: Tea Tree Oil, Peppermint Oil, and Orange Oil. This product can be purchased at any of our salons! http://www. hairfairies.com/products/nit- zapping-clenz-lice-prevention- oil.htm

Growth and change!

Never be scared of change and growth because as Hair Fairies expand and becomes more accessible to cities around the country, we as a family grow. Expanding is what you make of it since it can be positive or negative, however, it is always positive at Hair Fairies because the more we grow the more families we can help rid of lice. We embrace change and growth and appreciate everyone trusting are services. 

Stay on top of appointments

At Hair Fairies we always emphasize how important it is to stay on top of school checks. We love to extend a helping hand to the facility, students and parents. We also do workshops that help to give everyone a better understanding on lice and how to check/or treat. This is why it's important to always be organized when scheduling for school checks, or any facility that want us to come out like camps, shelters and fund raisers. A lot of places book in advance, so it is very time sensitive, therefore we at Hair Fairies have to keep a report with them and check in. Put it on your schedule, calendar and sticky notes on the office wall, always stay on top of appointments   
National News Article States Head Lice Are Becoming More Resistant To Pesticides

National News Article States Head Lice Are Becoming More Resistant To Pesticides

Mutant lice as one article stated last week are becoming more resistent to over the counter medication.  Here's the article on Fox- 8 NEWS -Reports on Head Lice stating that.  Furthermore, the pic attached on this blog shows how many states are being affected and in the national statistics.  You can check out where this pic was captured from Channel 7 ABC news here: National Chart on Head Lice - and News Reel on Drug Resistant Head Lice
Make sure you catch Hair Fairies in the news clip! We use non-toxic products and are a one stop shop when it comes to Head Lice, once and for all, 100 percent guaranteed!
If you have any questions or concerns, please check Hair Fairies out at www.hairfairies.com, and or call us at 415 292 5900.  We have been getting calls from news stations since this article came out, so its a good thing to get the conversation started and education we need.
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