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The misinformation that still exist about lice

Here at Hair Fairies NY, we had a doctor from India, who was taught while getting her doctoral that only people who didn't wash their hair had head lice, and when she traveled helping under privileged children, wealthy people believed that these children had lice because they were dirty. When she came to NY she was surprised at all the people here, and asked but why do these people have lice if only dirty people get lice. We told her that this is a myth and that head lice actually liked clean hair. She was absolutely shocked to hear this, but happy to know the truth. 

Feling Like A Ballerina

Feeling like a Ballerina.
A little girl came to us with a severe case of head lice and she was very upset not only because of the lice
but because her mom had put all her clothing to wash and just left her with a pair of shorts and t-shirt that she didn't like.
She didn't feel pretty because she was a girly girl and didn't have any of her beautiful dresses to wear.
So I promised her that I will do a beautiful hair style after ridding her of the lice. I did a very girly girl braided bun with our fairy gel and when she stood out of the chair she looked at herself in the mirror and said "Mommy I Feel Like A Ballerina"
We at Hair Fairies in CT made her day and we were happy to see her smile again!!!

"Mike Rowe#DirtyJobs#Discovery Channel and Constance reunited! And it feels so good!"

Our lovely technician Constance M. was in downtown the other day and she bumped into Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs-tv show: Discovery channel! She and we were ecstatic and Mr. Rowe did remember Constance and Kyle and the whole episode filmed three years ago at our San Francisco location! Reunited and it feels  so good! Smiles 

We Know Our Stuff

Hair Fairies has been in the lice removal business for 15 years now. Needless to say, we know our stuff when it comes to head lice. Recently, we had a family come in who had learned about the life cycle of a louse off of the internet. The problem with this is that there is so many contradictory articles when it comes to head lice. With the help of our technicians, we were able to educate this family on the life cycle of the bug and what to do to ensure their environment was lice free. When they left our facility, they were much more knowledgeable and comfortable with head lice. Head lice is not the end of the world. The best way to prevent head lice is learning and understand the behavioral patterns of a louse. If you have any questions about head lice, don't hesitate in calling Hair Fairies.

A very common problem

People are very unaware how common head lice is. Lice are a very common problem, especially for kids. They're contagious, annoying, and sometimes tough to get rid of. Hair Fairies can help get rid of this pesky problem. It's best to treat head lice quickly once they're found because they can spread easily from person to person. Hair Fairies will not only help you get rid of them but also help you so they do not come back.

Hair styles at Hair Fairies make it more worthwhile!

We are excited that we will have a special Hair Fairies Hair Styles Menu for you to choose at our location when we finish your Head lice treatment at any of our locations!  The Menu consist of fun, pretty, and quick styles from braids to buns that will help your family's Head Lice experience be more pleasant and enjoyable.
If we can not do the style, don't Freight!  We have treats from our treasure chest to make the experience more worthwhile!!!

Stay Safe

Head lice is as common as catching a cold. Recently, we had a client who came to visit their grand kids for the weekend. They were at the house visiting for a total of 2 hours before they realized one of the children was itching a little more than normal. Unfortunately, the child did have head lice. The rest of the family were clear, except for the grandma. We found 1 bug and 1 egg during our treatment. So remember, keeping the hair up and tight is a great preventative measure. Also, tea tree, rosemary, lavender, and eucalyptus are all different scents they don't like. Stay safe this summer!

We love our clients!

Being a Hair Fairy tech means seeing many different faces every day! Sometimes we see the same faces once every year, sometimes every month (usually for a monthly check!) and it's great to see our clients grow and update us on all that has been going on in their lives. The "B" sisters came in to get a lice screening this week after coming home from their stay away camp. They have been our loyal clients since 2012 and we have a very special connection to them. When they walked in to their appointment they both seemed upset, arms crossed and everything! Their mother walked up to the desk and told me that they were both mad because they couldn't decide what technician was going to check who! At the end of the day they both left super happy because we sat them across from each other and everyone was able to "cross chat." There's nothing more rewarding than to see my clients happy! 

Arranging Play Dates

Arranging Play Dates,
Our little clients after undergoing our lice treatment, decided to go into our play area while waiting for their parents to
get checked for lice. While playing they introduced themselves (since they met here in our lice treatment salon in CT) and right
away decided that they wanted to plan a Play Date, the problem was that they, neither the little girl nor the little boy, couldn't
decide who would ask their parent for permission. It was very funny listening to them (boy)" can you ask your mom for permission to go on a Play Date with me?", (girl) " why don't YOU ask your mom to ask my mom to go on the Play Date?".
After listening to them go back and forth I decided to intervene since one of the moms asked me what was I laughing at to which I replied to the mothers "well your kids are trying to set up a Play Date and they don't dare to ask you" both moms were laughing and exchange phone numbers. One of the moms said " You guys make this place too fun for the kids"

Say Hello Water!

A family of 6 came in to Hair Fairies to have their lice removed. The youngest o f the bunch had just turned 2 years old. Mo m was a little concerned he would not cooperate and sit in the chair to get screened.  The Hair Fairy sat him down and started talking to him and showing him what was going to happen and what combs we were going to use. He sat down and started to laugh when the Fairy sprayed water on his head. He wanted to hold the water bottle so we sat it right by his side. He was talking to the water bottle saying, “hello water hello come out and play.” Needless to say all the Hair Fairies were ooihing and aahing over the little boy and the plus side was he was lice free.
Happy Client

Happy Client

A client we had right before going to lunch was so happy with our services that she went downstairs while her husband was paying and bought us lunch to show her appreciation for our help. We at Hair Fairies love making our clients happy. 

Speak Up

Recently, we had a little girl who had picked up head lice at a day camp. Her family and herself did all the necessary steps to obtain our guarantee. To obtain our guarantee, every person in the household must be checked so we know there is no cross pollination during the treatments. During her guarantee check, we discovered she had picked up head lice again. We asked her, "Did you touch heads with anyone at camp?" Her response, "No, but I did borrow someones brush before I was picked up." The point is, your child obtained head lice from someone. Probably someone close to your child. If you don't notify your child's friends/family and anyone else they have been around, then there is a chance they may pick it up again.

Dirty Jobs

Recently, we had a Grandma come in to get a screening because one of her grandchildren had head lice. The funny thing is, when she received the frantic call from her daughter, she was in fact watching Dirty Jobs. She was watching the episode where Mike Rowe visited Hair Fairies in San Francisco. Thankfully she did not end up getting head lice but it's still a pretty funny story.

The Last Minute Treatment

The Last Minute Treatment,
A desperate mom came with tears in her eyes to our Hair Fairies salon in CT after discovering that her 3 year old had head lice, and the worst part was the timing since the little girl's birthday was the next day, and the mom was having lots of guests that she had invited to come to the birthday party and thought that she would have to cancel everything. After getting treated -- mom and daughter were able to leave with a smile on their faces, clean hair and most important didn't have to cancelled their birthday party!!!



We get the cutest clients in Dallas, I recently had a three year old boy come in after finding out he had lice at daycare. While I was treating him, he told me, "Mrs. Loren, did you get my fleas out?" I was tickled and replied, "No sweetie, you don’t have fleas, but I did however remove every nit and louse!"  Moments later he said, “You know, lice are a lot like fleas for humans.” HAHAHA

I have the most creative clients! 


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