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Sing Along

Sing along,
The movie Frozen happens to be a favorite among the little princesses that visit our Hair Fairies location in CT.
The proof is in the sing along that we had here during the week when a group of three little girls started singing the 
"LET IT GO" song and boy did they know every single word of the song, amazing!!
It was so much fun that the moms started talking to each other and arranging play dates and talking about Disney that 
one of the moms said "What an odd place to make new friends, we weren't expecting to be this much fun considering the head lice and what not"

Another Lice Myth

Some people believe that if you have dreadlocks you cannot get head lice. This is in fact a myth. You can get head lice if you have dreadlocks. unforunately if you do get head lice  and you have dreads, you must cut all the dreadlocks off. There is no way to treat head lice with dreadlocks in your hair. 
First Time Windshield Marketing was A Fun Productive Day!

First Time Windshield Marketing was A Fun Productive Day!

Spent some time in San Mateo(Which is a lovely town right next to Burlingame) to do some Windshield Marketing, it was such a productive day! Hope these brochures will land in the right hand, so please check your windshields and we hope that you got our brochures! :)

"SF HF Mascot for the day!"

So excited to share that our little client came in with a fairy costume! We hooked her up with some fancy braids and sent her on her way! Loves it! 

Fancy Measures

Did you know head lice can live up to 48 hours off of your scalp? The M family thought that head lice could live in your environment for weeks on end! After finding head lice on their little ones they took the drastic measure of temporarily staying in a hotel while they fixed the problem. After a week they decided to see out the help from the Hair Fairies. Only little L was considered severe and we told mom that she was clear but she needed to come back for a second treatment in 3-4 days. We also told her that it was ok to go back home and mom stopped me before I could finish the sentence: "I am not going to risk it, we're staying in the hotel until it is ALL gone." During L's last treatment, after being confirmed head lice free she exclaimed "Oh good, we can go home now, I was starting to feel a little too fancy." The M family went straight to their 'humble' home that night and little L felt just fancy enough to sleep in her own bed that night. 
Keep em' Coming!

Keep em' Coming!

Lately we have been getting a lot of ad clippings from Bay Area Parent Magazine, We really like to see the return and how happy our clients are when they turn in their free coupons for the free screenings. So please keep them coming and please make sure to check out Bay Area Parent Magazine!

Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl,
When families come to our Hair Fairies lice treatment salon in CT, we tried to calm the parents and have them relax by answering all their questions and concerns, but also we try to take their minds off the whole lice problems that they are going through, by talking to them and sometimes sharing stories and connecting with them, which happened to be the case with a mom that came in tears and left laughing... while talking with her she shared the story of her five year old girl recent birthday party. Apparently when it was time for her Five year old to blow on the candles of her cake  her three year old baby sister went ahead and blew the candles instead. The birthday girl was so sad and asked the sister why she did it, the little sister said that she also wanted a birthday. The funny part is that the mom shared with us the picture to prove it, and it was so funny to see their little faces one happy to blow the candles and one surprised to see that she didn't have any candles to blow on.
We laughed with the mom and at the end she was happy to have found us!!!
Hair Fairies racks

Hair Fairies racks

We at Hair Fairies send pediatricians who want, a rack of free screening cards to have at their office. From time to time we will call and ask if they need a refill. I went to take my son to pediatrician, and as soon as they saw my face they told me they needed a refill. They remember I worked for Hair Fairies, and I instantly saw the empty rack at the front desk. I immediately sent them a refill when I got back to the office.

"We decorated our tips!" HFSF

Brenda our employee on her lunch decided to decorate our tip envelopes! So cute and you can check them out in person! We saved the cute looking teddy bear for reference :-) 

"Thank Traubs for the wonderful gift!" HF SF

We truly appreciate the Traubs for stopping by and dropping us some sweet chocolates! What a great way to touch our hearts and welcome the new year with lovely treats! 

Winter doesn't stop Hair Fairies Chicago

Chicago is known for it's extreme weather and drastic change from hot to cold. So schools and buisnesses are closed during the winter season and people are just trying to stay warm. You would think everyone is staying in until it warms up. Not for Hair Fairies and the wonderful people that come to us. No one is turned down and everyone is so appreciative that we are open and ready to service them. Children are out of school and parents are being proactive and getting their children checked. A lot of families took advantage of schools being closed down to have a family screening. That is wonderful and it's only right that we Hair Fairies are there to screen. Yes, I started cold going into work, wind pushing me down the street but the clients are the reason my heart is warm and I'm ready to work!
Hair Up

Hair Up

Girls usually complain about wearing their hair up, but if head lice is going around the best thing to do is to wear your hair up. A mom was telling her daughter, you're going to have to wear your hair up, and the daughter kept responding but I don't like it. Once I was done with her hair, she absolutely loved it. She told her mom she didn't mind wearing it up like this.

4th Generation

4th Generation,
A well traveled, warm and friendly fourth generation family visited our Hair Fairies head lice removal salon in CT.
This close family made sure that everyone was checked for lice including 
grand parents, great grand parents. Luckily the lice just went two generations deep.
Talking about being thorough this is a great example.

Movie Day

A nanny comes in with the children she cares for to get checked, and they had arrived an hour and a half before their appointment. Since my client hadn't arrived, I decided to take them early. I didn't want them to have to wait that long if they didn't have to. The nanny tells me before I start checking that the kids wanted to come in early because they wanted to watch a movie. Once I checked them, I told the nanny no worries, enjoy the rest of the movie. They stood and watched Frozen, and left happy because they were able to watch the whole movie. It was like a Movie Day at Hair Fairies. 

Clean Start

This time of year everyone wants to start with a clean slate. New goals. New challenges to face! This year the Garcia family wanted to get one thing out of the way for 2015: their ongoing battle with head lice. When Grandma and Grandpa asked them what they wanted for Christmas they all asked them to please bring them to Hair Fairies! The most unusual gift to ask for but, well worth it. They are starting the new year with clean heads and the Hair Fairies guarantee: no more lice! Thank Grandma and Grandpa! 
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