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Itchy-less in Seattle

In just a few days Hair Fairies will get a little bigger! On July 1st we open the doors to our brand new Seattle location! When we broke the news to one of our clients here in San Diego she seemed shocked and asked if we were opening Hair Fairies Seattle because lice was getting worse! The truth is, there is head lice everywhere, and we want to be able to help families all across the united states get rid of their infestations with our safe and effective method. Simply put: the more accessible we are nationwide, the easier it will be for families to deal with these pesky bugs! With that being said, welcome to the team Seattle! Hair Fairies Seattle


 We're super excited for our new salon to open this July 1st! The salon will be located at 2811 E. Madison St. Suite 206, Seattle, WA 98112. This entire summer Hair Fairies Seattle is offering free screenings for everyone! So come by our new Seattle location and get screened for free! http://www.cbs8.com/ story/29344109/hair-fairies- opens-new-lice-treatment- salon-in-seattle
Happy In Funny Places

Happy In Funny Places

Happy In Funny Places,

In response to her children explaining how much they loved being at Hair Fairies, mom laughed at how kids can, "be happy in funny places." It is not uncommon that the children we treat find themselves wanting to come back because to them, it's an enjoyable experience. Often times coming in for treatments can be stressful for the families so keeping a positive reassuring environment can alleviate the anxiety and discomfort. Positive energy is contagious, remember to share it!


Hair Fairies is opening in Seattle!!!

Hair Fairies is opening a location in Seattle! We are very excited and ready to service the beautiful people of Seattle. We use natural, non-toxic products and a team that will educate and nurture you through your head lice predicament. We will gladly check or treat you and your family and even cut your hair if you’re feeling a bit shaggy. Hope to see you soon at Hair Fairies! :-)

Fairy wings to the rescue at Hair Fairies San Francisco!

Fairy wings to the rescue at Hair Fairies San Francisco!

A very clever and awesome client came into the salon other day with her own fairy wings! Here's a picture of her wings and how awesome she looked in them! They were so colorful and fun! This jubilant client was a perfect example of the type of fun and pleasant experience we strive for!



So for those that don't know, we recently started an Instagram account. It's quite exciting and we'd love it if you guys can come check it out and give us a follow. We'll be posting photo's daily and also each of our locations are having a photo contest, by the end of the month for those with the most likes and/or comments will be the winner! so check out our Instagram page and give us a follow! https://instagram.com/ hairfairiesinc/

True Love Story

Every day we meet fantastic clients with memorable stories. This week in our Dallas location, I met and incredible woman who shared with me her life story of trials and tribulation in her journey to find love. She and her future husband spent 15 years without speaking after a break up they had when they were young teens. Her spiritual beliefs would one day give her the strength and courage to contact him to reconcile and the rest is history. They have a beautiful love story that is actually the basis for a novel. I’d like to thank her so much for her words of encouragement; I feel as though I have gained a friend! We not only take care of your head lice problems but are also placed in your life for growth. 


A Fairies Work

A Fairies Work

A Fairies Work

While being treated, a client noticed a picture of a fairy hanging on the wall and found herself very intrigued. She sat patiently through the treatment because she knew the fairy mother was watching. The young girl had many questions about how Hair Fairies works, the treatment she was receiving, and how to avoid getting head lice in the future. Keeping clients engaged provides the opportunity to both communicate and educate the client while they are being treated. An open dialogue with our clients makes it possible to care, nurture, and educate.

History of Headlice

Head lice have been causing itchy heads for quite a while. The world’s oldest known case of head lice (actual nits discovered on a human head) were found at an archaeological dig in northeast Brazil, the specimen was at least 10,000 years old. Lice have also been discovered in Israel dating back 2000 years. At Hair Fairies we get a lot of parents who come in because their school has sent out lice alert letters. Those lice alert letters would bemuse our fairly recent ancestors, for whom lice were simply constant companions until about the 19th century. Head Lice have been with us for as long as we can remember and for now it looks like they aren’t going anywhere. But with the help of Hair Fairies we can make the process as quick and painless as possible.
Hair Fairies nit-zapping shampoo cleans your hair too!

Hair Fairies nit-zapping shampoo cleans your hair too!

Did you know our Hair Fairies Nit Zapping Shampoo not only combat Head Lice but cleans your hair too?! 

You can check this and more on our winning video procedure course made by the Hair Fairies San Francisco Team!

Summer Job

Looking for a part time job for the summer? Trying to make extra cash? Look no further! Hair Fairies Burlingame is hiring! We are looking for new Fairies to join our Hair Fairies family. This is an ideal job for those that are looking for a part time position and love working with children. There is always room for growth and opportunities if you’re a motivated and enthusiastic employee. Give us a call at 650.340.9000 or email bgmanager@hairfairies. com 

Properly combing lice out.

Hair fairies employees are often asked how to properly comb the lice out of someone’s hair. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate the ease and effectiveness of our process. We achieve this success by combining our natural, non-toxic products with a five step combing technique. If you are not able to make it in to one of our salons we offer a step by step video tutorial online at http://www.hairfairies.com/ video/ , or visit us on Facebook or our Youtube channel

Summer is near!

Summer is approaching and camps are having families screen their children for lice before they begin camp. This early prevention method is a great way for families and camps to feel at ease about being lice free. Not only can children enjoy activities with each other, parents can also have peace of mind sending their children off and camp employees will be able to give the full experience of camp life! Hair Fairies will gladly check or treat you and give you a letter stating you are lice free. Sounds like a great way to start summer!
Hair Fairies Is The Better Solution

Hair Fairies Is The Better Solution

Hair Fairies  Is The Better Solution

Home remedies such as olive oil, vinegar, mayonnaise and Vaseline do not effectively treat   head lice.
  Often people research treatments online that misinform readers by stating that  using the above ingredients and products will kill lice by suffocation.  These are false claims and often these treatments can cause other health issues and even dangerous consequences.  Lice do not breath oxygen but obtain sustenance to live by feeding on blood through people's scalps.  At Hair Fairies, we guarantee that our safe nontoxic products and treatments will take care of your lice problem quickly and effectively.  Find a salon near you at www.hairfairies.com


"Did you know Hair Fairies has take-home products and combing instructions to handout"

The motto, "Train someone to fish and they will fish for a lifetime" holds true at hair fairies. Because we value education on head lice knowledge and prevention, we provide our clients take home instructions and information on our safe non-toxic products so that they know what they need to do after their treatment in the salon is complete. 
Here's a pic from our product sales video and you can check out the winning Video tutorial:  
Also check us out at www.hairfairies.com. You can view our REAL video tutorial online as well!
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