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Kids at Schools Mimed Hair Fairies at a school Check! HF SF

We would like to thank a school for hosting us the other day! The director was awesome and he appreciated us coming to their school on short notice. He said, "Thought you would like to know that a group of our 4-year old girls are currently playing "Hair Fairies" down in the nursery...two girls are using magnatiles (magnetic building tiles) for children to take home, and ensuring that each child in the class gets checked, you guys are heroes!"
We are proud to hear this! What a way to empower the young ones to get checked regularly for head lice! 

Ready For Summer?

Ready for the summer? We definitely are! Summer is right around the corner and lice awaits at summer camps! We offer free screenings to schools and camps. Be sure to take us up on our free screenings offer before lice spreads. If you would like further information, give us a call at our Burlingame location 650.340.9000 and check out our offers page at  http://www.hairfairies.com/ offers.htm

A team of grandparents!

Hair Fairies treats many families every week, and every family has their very own story. We see our fair share of severe cases that may have spun a little out of control and we LOVE to be able to help frantic families through the whole ordeal. One little client, 'T', was fortunate enough to have both of her grandmothers, one grandpa and a great grandmother all team up to get all of her "yuckies" out of her hair. T's grandparents had just been granted full custody of her when they discovered that she had a pretty severe case of head lice. No time was wasted! It was all hands on deck as all her grandparents ran around buying products and cleaning sheets and couches. We are always so grateful for the parents and guardians who go above and beyond to assure that their children overcome this icky situation and we are happy to be able to be a part of that experience!

Princess Tangles

In the Dallas location we come across some of the cutest kids. One in particular stood out to our staff. She was the youngest of four. Her mother told us that she doesn't like to get her hair combed. Much to my surprise,  she was a delightful client! I told her calmly that our cream is a mixture of princess super powers, while  informing her mom of the marshmallow, nettle, and rose hip ingredients. I also let her daughter know that it will help with combing. She told me that she loved getting her hair done by us!
After OTC products

After OTC products

After OTC products
A distressed mom from Glastonbury, located over an hour away from our salon, came to us for assistance. After treating her 10-year old daughter with an over the counter lice shampoo, over 20 live lice and hundreds of nits still remained on her daughter's head. After providing treatment with our nontoxic products both mother and daughter thanked us for helping them through a very stressful time. Before leaving our salon the mother said, "You guys truly are Fairies... or better yet angels!"
Is Your Head Itching?

Is Your Head Itching?

Are your children scratching their heads? Don't be fast to dismiss this. Itching is one of the signs of head lice and a milder case will be a lot easier to take care of then a severe case. When a child has a mild case, there are less chances that other members of the family get head lice. At Hair Fairies, we can assure you if the itching is caused by the little critters called head lice. With our Nit-Zapping Clenz Cream, we will thoroughly check your child's head to be 100% certain where they have head lice or not. This cream is available at any Hair Fairies salon or conviently at our website: http://www. hairfairies.com/products/

Why Hair Fairies clients love coming to Hair Fairies

Here at Hair Fairies, we treat our clients like family. When they enter our salon they feel right at home. We have clients that have been coming here for over 5 years and we don't think of them as clients. We think of them as members of our family. Our clients are people we truly care about. 

Lice Outbreaks in Burlingame

This week we've been having a huge lice outbreak here in Burlingame. We have been told that there are local outbreaks at almost every school in the Burlingame area. We'd like to thank the schools that have been referring us to their students and helping us continue to offer our clients a safe, nontoxic and noninvasive solution. Feel free to give us a call anytime to book a free school screening for up to 2 hours, or to book a screening or treatment in our salon. 650.834.1623  http://www.hairfairies.com/ locations/sf-burlingame.htm

Ending the Month of April and starting the month of May!

 The month of April was a great month for all Hair Fairies staff and clients. We celebrated and supported the month for Autism. Hair Fairies showed there blue through scrubs, hats, shoes, nail polish and put a blue light in the front of the salon. We even passed out lolly pops that where blue. Clients was very appreciative that we was raising awareness because they knew a person or had a child that has Autism. Great way to end the month of April and start May with a smile :-)

May flowers!!!

 April showers bring May flowers!!!! It's warming up and it's the season for more cases of lice. Some preventives are weekly, every other week, monthly screenings or just when there is a lice outbreak at a child's school. Parents can do the checks and following are tutorial for directions or come into a salon for screenings or have a technician show you how to check in person. Lice is almost like a common cold. So let Hair Fairies show you how to be preventative from it. 

Thank You San Diego Firefighters!

This week we would love to thank our city's firefighters! A scary gas leak on our block sent everyone into a communal panic and on a very busy day with lots of people coming in and out of buildings. When we went outside to investigate the smell we found that many of our other building neighbors were also outside trying to figure out where it was coming from. Lots of people called the fire department and within five minutes they came to our rescue! Everyone on La Jolla Blvd is thankful for their hard work and dedication to our city! 

*Here is the link to our famous pandora playlist, the Jack Johnson Station. Our technitians and San Diego clients absolutely LOVE this station. Need to relax? Want to listen to happy music? Feel good today? Trust us, this station is for you :) http://www.pandora.com/station/2535659168580516304
PSCS AKA Pepediatric Scalp Care Specialist to the Rescue @ Hair Fairies

PSCS AKA Pepediatric Scalp Care Specialist to the Rescue @ Hair Fairies

"PSCS to the rescue @ Hair Fairies SF!"
Posted on our cork board is our press release about an amazing organization aimed to help families out when they are battling with head lice.
The Pediatric Scalp Care Specialist, AKA PSCS, is a non-profit organization established by our very own founder, Maria Botham, at Hair Fairies.
Check us out at www.hairfairies.com
Why not hashtag it out 
#marianbothamrocks! #hairfairies #PSCS

Building a Partneship

This week we have made contact with schools, doctors, and pharmacies. Not only do we partner up with schools, but we build a partnership with doctors and pharmicists as well. We provide doctor's offices with a free physicians kits and/or screening cards. Feel free to give us a call anytime here at Burlingame Hair Fairies (650)340-9000  http://www.hairfairies.com/ healthcare-professionals.htm
SF Hair Fairies and BG Hair Fairies team up for a School Screening!

SF Hair Fairies and BG Hair Fairies team up for a School Screening!

Did you know Hair Fairies offers two free HOURS of head lice screenings to schools? We were fortunate to have a school screening yesterday and we also held one today at a school who booked us last minute!
We had Hair Fairies specialists from our  San Francisco and Burlingame salons screen more than 500 students! Here's a pic from the head lice check! 
We distributed Hair Fairies Burlingame and San Francisco salons addresses and phone numbers providing  parentsinformation on how to contact  either of our locations!  You can also check out our website at www.hairfairies.com  to locate all of our salons and for more details.

You Can Do It!

Hair Fairies is always here to help whether you chose to have your family treated in our salon or you just want to come in for a little bit of guidance. You can stop by any of our salons and ask questions or even take a look at some of our sample lice. We have a great how-to tutorial on our website at www.hairfairies.com which walks you through the removal process step by step. 

Throughout the 16 years of business we have had moms treat their children at home and stop by with the towel they used so we can double check if what they found is in fact lice. Dandruff and dry scalp are often confused with lice, but we can show you the difference and help you with prevention. We receive pictures from people all over the world asking us to help identify activity they have found on a loved one’s head. Most of the time it ends up being fuzz, lint, or even sand, but just in case you need us remember we are always here and can provide treatments in-salon and through home visits. Whatever you need we are here to help!

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