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Our happy little clients

Children love Hair Fairies because they find it a fun place for them to be. While I was in the back room, I kept hearing a 4 year old telling her parents this is the best place ever. She was so happy to be at hair fairies. We are so happy she loved it. 
Elf On The Shelf

Elf On The Shelf

Elf on the shelf,
 One of our loyal clients at our location in CT has an elf named Carol that comes to her home during the holidays to report to 
Santa if the children are behaving. This time around the two little girls were exposed to head lice and her mom brought them to 
our Hair Fairies to make sure they were on the clear. Even though the girls didn't end up having lice, Carol the elf didn't want to take any chances
and went ahead and gave herself a head lice screening with our products. She too was clear!!!

Lice Inquiries

Earlier this week I treated a little girl who was sweet and asked a lot of questions. As I was treating her and she was watching a movie on the DVD player she continuously paused it and asked me questions about Head Lice, she was only 7 years old. It intrigued me and made me smile that a little girl wanted to know exactly what I was doing, why I was doing it and what she needed to do when she left Hair Fairies. I was thrilled to educate not only the mother but both. I explained to her the whole process and assured her everything was just fine. When she was leaving she told me Thank you Miss Renee, you're awesome and keep up the good work lol!!! That conversation and praise melted my heart and I will remember her and her tons of questions!!! :-)

Little Girl With BIG Heart

Little girl with the BIG heart.
 During the Christmas holidays I always asks the kids (while being checked for lice in my chair) what do they want Santa to bring them for Christmas. This time around I was checking a little 5 year old girl with an amazing and unselfish heart, to whom I asked the same question, and she responded that she wanted a Princess Sophia doll. I asked what else do you want for Santa to bring you??? To which the little girl responded "If I asked Santa for more gifts he won't be able to give presents to all the kids in the world because he is gonna have to take more time to build the toys and then he won't have the time to delivered all the toys around the world." 
I gave her at the end of her treatment a candy cane and she got to choose a treat from our treasure chest for being such a good hearted girl!

Tickle Machine

We had a client who had just turned 4 years old and was sitting very well on the chair. She was happy and singing songs and eating snacks.  When it was time to blow dry her hair she looked at the blow dryer and asked what that was. I told her it was just going to blow some warm air on her hair to help it dry faster and she said Ok. I started to dry her hair and she could not stop laughing uncontrollably. The blow dryer she said was a tickle machine. All the time spent drying her hair she was laughing and giggling like Iíve never seen before. 


Sister Flower Power

I enjoy each and ever client who walks into Hair Fairies Dallas location. On Tuesday in walks two of the sweetest, well behaved little girls! While treating, the girls asked me, "Why did you want to be a fairy Ms.Loren?" Well sweetie, I enjoy making you guys happy, and helping your parents out in the time of need! After treatment, with permission from mom and dad, I told them I could give them my SPECIAL FAIRY DUST....They were so excited! They both left with matching flowers in their hair! Flower Power!

Mystery Bug

This weekend we had a client who had been dealing with something in her home that she had never seen. She said it was a mystery bug that was coming out of the vents, it hung out in her cabinets and she constantly saw it in her room. Having never dealt with head lice, she convinced herself that both her home and her hair were infested with lice! After a frantic phone call, she came into Hair Fairies and got screened. 15 minutes later she was confirmed to NOT have head lice. She politely asked to be double checked for her sanity and so we checked her with 100% accuracy and the verdict was the same as before ---- head lice free! Even before she got out of the chair she called an exterminator right away! Hair Fairies is always more than happy to help you through your head lice problem...wether or not you have one! 

Nadia does it again!

Our infamous technician Nadia has done it again! At 4'11 she brings smiles to every last one of her clients and co-workers. From fixing toilets, to making us gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, she 5 ft (almost!) of pure awesomeness! This past week she got interact with a 5 and 3/4th year old (measured to his specifications) who had just lost his first tooth. Since losing his first chomper he felt it was only appropriate if he paired his new grin with a new do.  Unfortunately his hair was a little too long for the rock star mohawk he was looking for, but Nadia got to thinking of ways to grant his little wish! Fairy dust! And tons of it! One blow dry and a green bottle of Fairy dust, Ry's mohawk stood on top of his head in all it's 'little biker' glory! He kindly credited Nadia for all her hard work and told her that even she deserved a candy from the candy bucket...well done Nadia, well done. 

Holiday Fun

Holidays bring families close, and in some cases, dealing with head lice can be too close for comfort. In Dallas, a frantic mom called to share that her daughter's daycare called and informed her that they noticed lice. So, she rushed to bring her 14 month old daughter into Hair Fairies. I have to say she was the cutest and well behaved baby. She sat up so good without support, and allowed me to do our famous Nit Zapping Process. She even had her first lolly pop! After I treated daughter, mom and dad were both checked and treated as well. While leaving the salon she told me that, they are holiday ready now! They are no longer afraid of giving lice to family members during the holidays! Especially since baby girl will be in many arms to love. 

A Hair Fairies Thanksgiving!

What is everyone looking forward to the most on Thanksgiving? That delicious feast! (And to say thanks, of course!) At the Hair Fairies in SD we are looking forward to our mini-Thanksgiving feast as well. We were having a lot of trouble coming up with what each one of us should bring: Italian food? Cuban food? Greek food? We were trying to stay away from the turkey, since we were all having dinner with our families the next day. So...what do we all like? MEXICAN FOOD! Initially we felt we could only eat something similar to a Thanksgiving feast but when we thought about it, it isn't about what food you will be eating, but the people you'll be with, and how everyone will be thankful for so many things! We settled on a 'Enchilada casserole' , 'Frijoles charros' (refried beans with chorizo and cheese) 'Arroz Rojo' , 'Pollo con papas' & for dessert we decided to go a classic route and stick with apple pie! As we are very thankful for our jobs this year, Hair Fairies says THANK YOU to all our amazing clients! 
-Hair Fairies SD
Grateful Client

Grateful Client

A client brought me a card to show how much she appreciates our services. We're always happy to leave our clients happy and satisfied with our services. Our motto is to care, nurture and educate. 

Love Bug????

Love Bug???????
Recently we treated a girl who was heavily infested with lice (hundreds of bugs!!!). Mom had struggled with attempting to remove these pests on her own but was unsuccessful. Prior to this lice infestation mom always called her daughter "BUG" as a term of endearment. She said this experience with lice has forced her to retire that name because she didn't want to have to "add money to her daughter's therapy jar" after this unforgettable experience.

The Lice Connection

The Lice Connection
Who would of thought Lice brings Tech & clients together. I am doing my 2 week working interview for the Chi Manager position...which I will get ;-). I have noticed friendships and lasting relationships have been the outcome. Individuals to a family of 7 have came in with low spirits. The techs are there to pick their spirits up, engage in conversations where each tech learns something abut that individual in the chair.
Also, most importantly educates them on lice. Which they like to look at the samples of lice on the card. Lice that has been removed from there hair. Techs use that as a another form of educating.
Its fun, entertaining, relaxing and a experience to remember. Once client is checked out and lice free, they leave with a peace of mind and friendships.
Hair Fairies Burlingame received new Salon Chairs and Set up!

Hair Fairies Burlingame received new Salon Chairs and Set up!

We are excited for the new chair set up! We also recieved two new salon chairs, so now our salon in Burlingame can service more clients!  Yay!
Cute painting

Cute painting

As a father waited for his daughter to be treated, he colored in a picture of a fairy.  He did a beautiful job coloring the picture, and wrote a funny quote next to the fairy. 
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