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School Is back In Session

School is now back in session! Kids are back in class, and so is lice, but no need to fear because Hair Fairies is here. We offer 2 free hours of head lice screenings to schools and also educational workshops to staff and teachers. Please keep in mind that hair-to-hair contact is one of the best ways to spread head lice. So, please be sure to keep your hair up in buns or braids, get screened at any of our Locations! or give us a call at 877.285.0069

Unexpected Reunion

Unexpected Reunion
It is not uncommon for our clients to feel embarrassed to be in our chairs no matter how often we remind them of how common head lice can be. As two of our clients sat in chairs side by side, they looked at each other feeling a sense of familiarity, turns out they were in the same class in high school 20 years ago. The two clients laughed as they discussed how strange that this incident managed to reunite them.

Head lice knowledge rubs off

Last Friday the entire San Diego staff had our monthly screenings and we all came up with the brilliant idea of tricking our boyfriends into thinking we had given them head lice. One boyfriend didn't buy it, another one was bald, but the other two (who also happen to be best friends) really surprised us. I told him I had lice and he immediately told his best friend who responded with "I don't have it because I'm not itchy" One would think that when you talk about your long day working at Hair Fairies, your boyfriend might space out a bit but my proud 'doesn't-stop-talking-about- head-lice' moment paid off when he told his best friend "Itching isn't an immediate sign of having head lice and you might not itch for a while when you catch it" It pays to educate the ones around you about all the interesting lice facts! 

End of Summer

August and September are our busiest months of the year with kids coming back from camp, and children starting school. Parents remember to continuously use the prevention oil every morning to prevent your children from getting head lice. 

New Super Lice

People are becoming scared of a new "super bug" that is being reported on the news. It is not a new species of head lice, just like any other pest and rodent, with time, bugs build a resistance to pesticides so they will no longer kill them. This is why Hair Fairies' treatment is so effective, because we do not kill lice, we remove the lice and nits from the hair by combing with our Nit Zapping Clenz Cream and lice comb until you are completely clear. 

Cruel Joke

There's nothing like hearing your Hair Fairy Technician tell you "You're lice free!" It doesn't take a Hair Fairy Technician very long to screen someone for head lice, but for the client in the chair the minutes might seem like hours! After a long battle with head lice, the R family finally came to Hair Fairies to be professionally treated. Our client E had a very moderate case, so her mother made a follow up appointment just to be on the safe side, even though only one treatment was required. Mom and little sis went down the street for a coffee and E turned around and told me "if I am clear don't say anything to my mom." 24 minutes later, she was in fact clear and E could not be more excited to see her mom! When mom walked through the door E gave her the saddest look ever and said "Guess what?" Moms face went blank for a second and then E said "I have....NOTHING!" We all started laughing and E's mom said that her heart had stopped! It's nice to know that little ones can find funny humor in these kind of situations, and Hair Fairies is always happy to help!

Hair Fairies Products Options

Being able to find the time out of your very busy life to deal with head lice can be a bit tricky. We have many options here at Hair Fairies when it comes to treating head lice. If you cant make it in to one of our salons or can't afford our treatments, we have home kits that are available for purchase. There are 3 different kits to choose from: Home Kit Basic, which includes the Nit Zapping Clenz Cream, Nit Zapping Clenz Shampoo, and our lice comb. This kit is great for just treatments. If you want something a little bit more that includes products for preventative measures, we'd recommend our Home Kit plus: Includes everything from the basic kit, plus our Lice Repellent Spray for furniture and non washables, and our Prevention Oil. 

If you want to go for the whole shebang, We would suggest our Home Kit Ultimate which has EVERYTHING you need for doing your laundry, sanitizing your brushes or furniture, as well as doing treatments and having preventatives so you don't get lice in the future. Feel free to check out our product line at our website or in person at one of our locations.
Check hair fairies out on Instagram @hairfairiesinc

Check hair fairies out on Instagram @hairfairiesinc


Did you know we are on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter?! Just last weekend Hair Fairies San Francisco posted a hilarious and hysterical picture in regards to head lice that is worth checking out! Don't forget to like the pic if you think it's awesome too! So far we have gotten 27 likes and we would like that to triple by the end of the month! So please like our page and like what we post on Instagram @ hairfairiesinc

No matter the distance Hair Fairies is here to help!

Hair Fairies recently had a treatment in Kenosha, WI!!!! The treatment was for a family of four, they were stressed and been dealing with it for weeks. The drive was an hour and forty-five minutes, but traveling to meet our clients needs was worth it. We want to help as much as possible, some families can't make it to our salon or the hours might not fit their schedule. We at Hair Fairies give you the option of after hours, in the salon or for home visits, to accommodate you the best we can. We want to give you peace of mind to go back to living normal and lice free. No matter the distance Hair Fairies is here to help!!!
Head lice? Head Lice! And Head Lice

Head lice? Head Lice! And Head Lice

Here at Hair Fairies The Original Head Lice Helpers we often times get clients who aren't sure about what they are finding on their children's hair and head. We get others who find head lice very late in the evening and go to the drug store in a panic to buy over the counter products. What ever the case we can help, at the very least clients can send us an email with a pic of what they are finding so we can help confirm or put their mind at ease if it is not head lice. We strive to help educate and on top of that, help treat people in this predicament. Our goal is to help de-bunk any myths and any questions you may have on head lice. We also can help relieve our clients concerns and frustration with our extra care and customer service! 

The Detergent That Does It All

When it comes to dealing with head lice, a lot of cleaning is involved including the washing of bedding. This is where our laundry detergent comes in handy. Due to the fact that lice are becoming more resistant to over the counter products and may withstand hot temperatures, we made a special laundry detergent that is specifically made to fight and kill head lice. Lice does not have a chance with this heavy duty detergent. Come by to any of our locations and pick one up today! 

Employee of the Month!

Burlingame Hair Fairies is proud to announce our new Employee of the Month for August and her name is Tomo! She has been quite a diligent worker, taking much more responsibility, even opening on the weekends without any hesitation. Just seeing this technician putting in her all to assist the manager in running the shop smoothly is such an admirable task. So congrats Tomo! 

Pictures say a thousand words!

We at Hair Fairies love when our little clients draw pictures and write beautiful stories about their experiences with us. We appreciate the fairy drawings, hearts and happy faces that they make while here for treatment, we also enjoy the hugs and excitement they have when their treatment is finished. We like to show our appreciation in return by offering a prize from our Hair Fairies treasure box. Feel free to pick out a prize, or if you would rather, a treat from our candy bowl. The most important thing we give to families, however, is a lifetime 20% discount for future treatments once fully treated by Hair Fairies. Hope you don't need it but just in case we are always here to help...:-)

Cheerleader Spirit

Everyday we meet clients with outstanding personalities. Last week I had the honor of meeting a beautiful little girl who happened to be a competitive cheerleader. She showed me how to do a cart wheel with no hands! At Hair Fairies we not only remove head lice, we connect with each and every client. We build memories. We CHEER for LICE FREE CLIENTS! 

"Kids Are Smart! And Artistic! HF SF

On top of educating and nurturing our other motto is "Kids are smart, educate!" Our client the other day resonates this and more when she had drawn us a picture after we had treated her and educated her on head lice! How artistic! Loves! 
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