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Cute little lice quote

Cute little lice quote

A cute lice quote where head lice is compared to family members. Head lice is so common that all we can do is deal with it and try to joke about it to make us feel more at ease. 

I Could Kiss You

I Could Kiss You
A frantic mother came to our location in CT because she had treated her daughters for head lice but didn't have anyone to check her and she was afraid of giving it back to them, she was very nervous and tense but after the screening process we gave her the great news that she was clear, and boy did she get happy, she said "I COULD KISS YOU RIGHT NOW, YOU MADE MY DAY".
She also took the time to write a great review for us on Yelp!!!


3 brothers come in to Hair Fairies to get treated and decided to come up with a villain. His name would be LICE MAN and he would have the powers to "bug" people. He would be able to crawl from person to person and make their scalp itchy. He also had the power to spread to different people with super fast lightning speed. Everyone would want him to stay away, but he would always find a way to get on you by using a brush or a hat from someone who had met LICE MAN. The boys also decided to come up with a superhero to fight LICE MAN, but that will have to wait until they return and meet the Hair Fairies again. To be continued...

Lice checks after camps

Lice Checks after camps,
It is very important that kids get their lice checks right before camp and soon after.
As was the case of a girl that her mom got her checked before she went to camp and
when she arrived home she brought her daughter right off the bus from camp to our Hair Fairies
location in CT. The mom couldn't believe that her daughter had gotten lice while in camp for seven weeks
but she was very happy that instead of going home she came here and got her treated for lice before her daughter went
inside her home. This way it was just one daughter that she had to deal with head lice instead of the whole family, and
was able to get rid of the head lice before school started.
Prep Salon Prep themselves in Head Lice Prevention and Awareness

Prep Salon Prep themselves in Head Lice Prevention and Awareness

Thank you Prep Salon for having us come to their hair salon to do a workshop on head lice awareness and prevention. They added new stylists to their team and it was nice to come back and re-educate the team on what to do when their clients who are predominantly kids have head lice. 
Prep Salon is strictly for kids haircuts and offer a high end ultra cool atmosphere for the kids to be pampered and get cool preppy haircuts! 
Thank you From a school check today!

Thank you From a school check today!

We had a thank you card from a school we went to today for a head lice screening and we are happy to have them write us a card! It was nice and very thoughtful! We appreciate the kind letter! 
Head lice vs body lice

Head lice vs body lice

A client who had never had head lice before called frantically and said she found a bug on her head and she believed it was head lice. As we spoke trying to book an appointment, she said she could see some walking on her arm. I then asked her to take a picture of the bug and send it to me. When I saw the picture it was in fact body lice. I told her to call her doctor and unfortunately we do not treat body lice here. She would have to call her doctor. Head lice and body lice have a similar appearance. The major difference between the two is its habitat. Head lice live on the hair, while body lice live anywhere on the body. Head lice put their eggs on the hair shaft while body lice put their eggs on fibers of clothing. We wish her the best of luck and hope the problem gets resolved.

Lice Vacation

Lice Vacation
A Japanese family came to Connecticut on vacation. They were excited to have stumbled across our head lice removal salon. Mom had been struggling for months trying to get rid of her daughters head lice. The school just kept sending her home with notices, mom would treat and this cycle was ongoing.
Mom needed a break and decided they were coming to CT to meet with family, relax and try to forget about the lice for a bit. Taking a stroll in Fairfield, going in to all the boutique shops they stumbled upon the salon. They could not believe they had finally found the solution to moms grief.
After two treatments daughter was finally lice free. Mom could finally relax.
Daughter said " See mom, now you can really have a LICE vacation".

Lice Joke

Mary: why are you scratching your head?

Amber: ive got those arithmetic bugs again

Mary: arithmetic bugs-what are they

Amber: well, some people call them head lice.

Mary: then why do you call them arithmetic bugs?

Amber: because they add to my misery, subtract from my pleasure, divide my attention and multiply like crazy

Spreading Positivity

Being a teenager these days is hard -- being a teenager with head lice is near impossible! With all the pressure of making friends and first impressions, clothes and boys and girls, the last thing any teen wants is to have to deal with head lice. I dealt with a teenage case recently, which are very familiar to me, but I couldn't convince 'G' that having head-lice was not the worst thing that could happen to her no matter how hard I tried. I assured her that she would leave the salon 100% head lice free and that I would not stop until I did my job. When I was all done with her treatment I told her she had the cleanest scalp I had ever seen on a teenager. When her mom and brother came to get checked the next day her mom thanked me for ending G's treatment on a positive note because she went home that night and bragged to everyone about her super clean scalp --- forgetting she ever had head lice! 

Lice Get Around

The world is certainly getting smaller. People are able to move around the globe faster than ever before. This has provided people with incredible opportunities to see places, meet people, and explore cultures with relative ease, however just like anything this comes with unforeseen consequences. These globe trotters are often not traveling alone. It takes most people at least 2 to 4 weeks to realize they have lice so they are completely oblivious to the little friends they have brought along for the ride. Just last week the Chicago Hair Fairies treated a family from Japan and another from Dubai. Both were surprised that such a service as Hair Fairies even exists, but they were equally grateful

Stay At Home Dad

Stay at home dad!
We had the nicest dad to come to our Hairfairies location in CT to treat his daughters for head lice, since his wife was on a business trip.
At the end of the lice treatment he asked us if we can show him how to do a braid since he had never done one before and he had to keep his daughter's hair up for summer camp as to prevent them from getting lice again.
The dad was very thankful and appreciative that we took the time not only to rid his daughters of head lice but to also take the time to show him how to braid hair!

The misinformation that still exist about lice

Here at Hair Fairies NY, we had a doctor from India, who was taught while getting her doctoral that only people who didn't wash their hair had head lice, and when she traveled helping under privileged children, wealthy people believed that these children had lice because they were dirty. When she came to NY she was surprised at all the people here, and asked but why do these people have lice if only dirty people get lice. We told her that this is a myth and that head lice actually liked clean hair. She was absolutely shocked to hear this, but happy to know the truth. 

Feling Like A Ballerina

Feeling like a Ballerina.
A little girl came to us with a severe case of head lice and she was very upset not only because of the lice
but because her mom had put all her clothing to wash and just left her with a pair of shorts and t-shirt that she didn't like.
She didn't feel pretty because she was a girly girl and didn't have any of her beautiful dresses to wear.
So I promised her that I will do a beautiful hair style after ridding her of the lice. I did a very girly girl braided bun with our fairy gel and when she stood out of the chair she looked at herself in the mirror and said "Mommy I Feel Like A Ballerina"
We at Hair Fairies in CT made her day and we were happy to see her smile again!!!

"Mike Rowe#DirtyJobs#Discovery Channel and Constance reunited! And it feels so good!"

Our lovely technician Constance M. was in downtown the other day and she bumped into Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs-tv show: Discovery channel! She and we were ecstatic and Mr. Rowe did remember Constance and Kyle and the whole episode filmed three years ago at our San Francisco location! Reunited and it feels  so good! Smiles 
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