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Where is the love?

Where is the love?

Where is the Love?
What is the most difficult part of having lice? Not being able to snuggle. Almost every family that comes into the salon for treatment finds that the worst part about having head lice is that they are no longer able to snuggle. If one of the kids has it and the other doesn't, then they don't want them all cuddling together. Siblings miss hugging each other, grandparents can't share their love, where is the love? That's why we do what we do here at Hair Fairies, to get rid of head lice and bring back the love! 

Start Of The School Year

Is everyone ready for the school year to start? It gets quite busy over here during the beginning of the school year. We offer free lice screenings to schools up to 2 hours, and we also offer free educational workshops. Please feel free to give us a call any time 650.340.9000 or check out our website at hairfairies.com
SF Hair Fairies educational workshop at a Montessori school turn out successful!

SF Hair Fairies educational workshop at a Montessori school turn out successful!

Did you know not only does Hair Fairies offer 2 Free hour Head Lice Screenings to schools, but we also offer educational workshops at all of our locations.  
If you know that your child's school needs the proper education please let us know. We would like to partner up with your child's school to help nurture and educate them on head lice and prevention.
Just this week, we were invited to do a workshop at a Montessori school and we were excited to see how many teachers showed up to attend and get their questions and concerns answered! 

Our clients are all special to us!

At Hair Fairies we come across different people with different situations, but everyone shares the same predicament. We consider it very important to be polite and treat every person we come across with the utmost respect. My team and I are rewarded everyday when a client that is lost and stressed out, tells us how much they appreciate us and our service. They show us their appreciation in many different forms: letters, surveys, phone calls, referrals and most of all hugs :-)....

Precious moments at Hair Fairies!!!

Treating a small child with head lice can be difficult at times. It is important to think of ways to make them sit still and feel comfortable. In one situation, I was treating an adorable 2 yr old girl who followed everything her sister did. Once I noticed this I used it to help me treat her. She and her sister sat next to each other, watched dvd's together and had the same snacks. As I was treating I kept reminding her of how she was a big girl like her sister and asking her questions about the movie she was watching. During the treatment I put her hand on my face because she wanted to turn around and touch my face for comfort. The treatment went well and when she came back she ran to me for a tight hug and kissed my face. Said she was a big girl and I could check her. The second treatment was just as wonderful as the first one. She sat next to her sister, with her dvd and snack. Every min she reached to touch my face for comfort and I was delighted. Precious moments like that makes my job worth it.  

Social Media Extravaganza

Do you guys tweet or use Instagram? Well if so, it would be awesome if you can give us a follow! We also have a Facebook as well, so feel free to give our Facebook page a like too. We post daily on all of our accounts and we will be sure to inform you on our latest lice news! :) click on any of our links:  https://www.facebook.com/ HairFairies  https://instagram.com/ hairfairiesinc/  https://twitter.com/ HairFairiesInc

Hair Fairy Godmother

"Hair Fairy Godmothers"
One of our clients first came to Hair Fairies last year for treatment just after finding out that they would be bringing in a new addition to their family. Ten months later, the day their bundle of joy was scheduled to be welcomed into the world, the same clients returned to receive treatment again. They had the misfortune of getting lice from a school mate again. The clients were so grateful to be able to rely on us both at the beginning and end of their pregnancy saying that we just have that "magic touch." It's important to us that our clients know that we're here to wave our magic wands and remove lice even when life gets a little bit hectic. We also reminded them to use our Prevention Oil, keep hair pulled back, and use our Lice Repellent Spray to help them stay lice free.

Getting Sent Home from Camps

Have you been getting sent home from camp recently? Do you need to be cleared of lice to get back into camp? No need to worry, because we offer screenings and treatments anytime at any of our 9 locations. With a family of 5 or more, you can get a 15% discount for your treatments. For more details, be sure to give us a call at 650.340.900
Purple flowers for Seattle Hair Fairies from Hair Fairies San Francisco

Purple flowers for Seattle Hair Fairies from Hair Fairies San Francisco

We still can't believe Hair Fairies has opened its 9th salon in Seattle! If you are in Seattle especially in the Madison Park area, please stop by and receive your free screening during camp season and before the fall school session begins! Add a cherry on top! we even give you hairstyles and a pop of color after we're done with your head lice service! 

Come Out, Come Out wherever you are!

Come out, come out wherever you are! 
The lice are getting restless now that we've spread our wings and opened Hair Fairies Seattle. We are so excited for the opening of our new store and to provide our services in the greater Seattle area! We're coming for you, lice! Ready, Set, Run! 

Lice Don't Take Vacations

Lice Don't Take Vacations!
Summer vacation is in full swing. Kids are going to camps, having sleepovers, visiting family, and going on trips, but while the kids are on vacation, lice are not. Lice is prevalent year round keeping us Hair Fairies very busy! With the rush of clients coming in for pre-camp screenings and checks for good measure, we take each client's needs into serious consideration when booking appointments this summer! 

4th of July Weekend

Did everyone have a good 4th of July weekend? We sure did! That was the holiday where families got together, had barbecues, and enjoyed each other's company. With all of these things comes a higher risk of catching lice! Make sure that doesn't happen to you, come by our salon to get screened and or treated! A family of 5 or more can obtain a 15% off discount on their treatments. Call us at 650.340.9000 or visit our website at hairfairies.com to see our other locations!
Hear yee! Hear Yee! Read all about it! Hair Fairies Seattle OPENING July 1ST and on our press release

Hear yee! Hear Yee! Read all about it! Hair Fairies Seattle OPENING July 1ST and on our press release

Hear Yee! Hear Yee! Read all about it!  Hair Fairies' 9th location in Seattle is now open and you can visit us at 2811 East Madison Street Suite 206.  We are super stoked to be in Seattle, here's a pic of our press release with all the details of our new store opening.  You can come to any of our Hair Fairies locations and check out our monthly press releases on our bulletin board.  You can also check out other promotions, as well as testimonials from clients, doctors, and schools!
Wonder what kind of styles Hair Fairies Newest Opened Seattle will give for Hair Styles!

Wonder what kind of styles Hair Fairies Newest Opened Seattle will give for Hair Styles!

Wonder what Hair Fairies Seattle will give our clients!  Here's a pic of a San Francisco Hair Fairies client who got a zig zag part and a braid, topped off with two flowers!!! If you haven't checked out our Seattle Hair Fairies Location, please check out www.hairfairies.com!

Itchy-less in Seattle

In just a few days Hair Fairies will get a little bigger! On July 1st we open the doors to our brand new Seattle location! When we broke the news to one of our clients here in San Diego she seemed shocked and asked if we were opening Hair Fairies Seattle because lice was getting worse! The truth is, there is head lice everywhere, and we want to be able to help families all across the united states get rid of their infestations with our safe and effective method. Simply put: the more accessible we are nationwide, the easier it will be for families to deal with these pesky bugs! With that being said, welcome to the team Seattle! Hair Fairies Seattle

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