Must Do’s in Seattle!

If you’re in Seattle this week the Seattle Art Museum is the place to be! This week celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. you will have an opportunity to revel in amazing art and tours! Jan 13th-16th from noon-1pm. Don’t miss out, all tours are free with museum admission.   SEATTLE ART MUSEUM THIRD FLOOR GALLERIES NOON – 1 PM SAM honors Martin Luther King, Jr. with a week of spotlight tours, highlighting works that speak to themes of race and social justice. SAM staff will facilitate conversations and offer personal responses based on artists and artworks currently on view in SAM’s galleries. While at SAM, stop by the Think Tank on the second floor to continue the conversation. This interactive community dialogue space allows visitors to share their thoughts surrounding race, social justice, and the roles that museums play in facilitating these conversations. Engage with other visitors, connect with SAM, and speak up.

Top Fives to help you stay warm this winter!

We know it’s chilly, but it doesn’t have to be boring! Please enjoy some suggestions from us here at Hair Fairies and make the best of your winter! Foods: 5 – Fresh baked cookies!  4 – Chili!  3 – Chicken and dumplings!  2 – Miso Ramen!  1 – Caldo de Res!  Fun: 5 – Comfy pajamas! 4 – Cuddly hats! 3 – Fuzzy mittens! 2 – Puppies and kittens! 1 – Snuggling! Activities: 5 – Sing! 4- Dance! 3 – Jog! 2 – Jumping jacks! 1 – Spin in circles! We hope you’re able to warm up and enjoy this winter! Some of these suggestions are close contact, so if you’re ever worried that you or someone you love might have head lice, we’ll have your back! You can count on us to help you get everything under control. To make an appointment, give us a call at 866.285.0069! See you soon!

California Treasure “The Pioneer Cabin Tree”

Everyone take a second to mourn the loss of a very very old friend. The Pioneer Cabin Tree which was more than 1,000 years old came down on Sunday afternoon. Thousands visited this famous tree located in The Calaveras Big Trees State Park in California. Unfortunately, on January 7th, the tree came tumbling down with one of the strongest storms to hit the area in 10 years. Count yourself lucky if you were able to visit this California treasure.

Lice Prevention Spray During Winter!

The weather has been getting chillier and even chillier! Everyone has been getting all bundled up in warm jackets, scarves, and hats; which means a higher risk of catching head lice! Did you know that you can catch head lice by sharing clothing such as jackets and hats? It can take from one exposure to multiple exposures. If you need, we have an amazing spray called the Nit-Zapping Lice Repellant Spray, it’s great to use on any of your non-washables and environment! Pick up a bottle today and help repels lice this winter season! http://www.hairfairies.com/product/lice-repellant-spray/

Have a Prosperous New Year!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Holidays! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for us this New Year. We’re so thankful for all of our wonderful clients, team, friends, and families that made 2016 such a memorable and amazing year! We’re looking forward to ringing in the New Year with major success, prosperity, and many great things to come! Cheers, from Hair Fairies Burlingame! 

Free for Tiny Tots

Parents remember children 2 and under are screened for free.

You Got a Friend in Us

Stop by and see the Hair Fairies… where a friendly smile awaits.

Hair Fairies – The Lice Helpers

Hair Fairies the Lice Helpers are here to serve you and the community. We reach out to everyone such as schools, doctors offices, salons, and pharmacies. By partnering with the community, we are able to help you get a handle on your current lice situation and help keep the epidemic under control. Parents, bring your child(ren) by for a check to restore your peace of mind. Don’t forget to mention this blog posting to get one free check per household.

Unintended Consequences

More than a few public health experts have hypothesized that selfies are a significant factor in the spread of head lice among teenagers. It makes enough sense. When you get in close to take a picture hair can touch, and the lice have an opportunity to take up residence on a new host head. And let’s be honest some kids present the lice with plenty of chances to latch onto a friend. Is it possible at any point when the camera phone was being designed or when the infrastructure for the global cellular network was being installed anyone gave any thought to how this might benefit the head lice??? Now as far as consequences go this seems about as unintended as they come.

Goodbyes and New Beginnings

I’ve spent the last 13 years of my life at Hair Fairies in Los Angeles. There were many ups and downs, I traveled to different locations, and I have met so many great people all in the name of LICE! Who would have known right?! As I close such an important chapter of my life I’d like to take with me all the good and bad experiences and grow from them. The excitement I feel coming to a BRAND NEW location is too much to bear! Although I will miss my LA family, friends, clients and neighbors, I look forward to making New Memories, New Friends, and start my New Pasadena Family! Happy 2017!