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the best advice

If it is your first time dealing with head lice, trust us: you are not alone! We see families in our salon every single day, some of them have already dealt with head lice more than once (ahh!) We asked 2 technicians who have dealt with head lice in their life, and 3 families who have gone through the treacherous head lice milestone one too many times to give YOU their best advice! 
1. (B family of 4, North Park, San Diego)
"Take a deep breath and be extra nice to your washing machine, you'll never take it for granted again. And anticipate the lovely water bill coming your way...but seriously, head lice takes a lot of patience to deal with, there is light at the end of the tunnel!" 
2. (L, technician, Golden Hills, San Diego) 
"Screen every person in your family! Just because your infestation is moderate, it doesn't mean you are the only unlucky family member to have gotten it. It is also super important to have friends and individuals who have come in close contact with you to also get screened, it's a whole team effort!"
3. (N, technician, Eastlake, San Diego) 
"Head lice is nothing to be ashamed of, ask anyone around you, chances are they have probably dealt with it too. Use the Nit Zapping shampoo and the Clenz Cream religiously! That stuff will help calm your irritated scalp like nothing else out there."
4. (W family of 5, La Jolla, San Diego) 
"Quarantine all of your non washables in one room! Remember: head lice has nothing to do with your families hygiene or how clean you keep your house. Head lice is only interested in two things, 1. to throw your entire schedule completely out of the window, and 2. to feed off your scalp! Don't let it beat you!" 
5. (S family of 3, La Jolla, San Diego)
"We keep our hair up alllllll of the time, we come in once a month to make sure we're clear because we're too busy to deal with this! And besides, no one wants to get head lice in middle school, and what better way to prevent that? Getting checked!"

Mysterious Lice Infestation

Recently we had a client come in to get treated at our salon, unfortunately for her this was not her first rodeo. She's caught it every year and has been a very loyal customer of ours for a while now, this will be her 3rd time catching lice.
She kept wondering why this always has to happen her, especially since she is in high school now. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to catching lice: sleep overs, airplane rides, sharing clothing, hair-to-hair contact(hugging, selfies, cuddling etc.), public upholstery, and so on.
It can be hard to pin point to where exactly you have caught it.  She said she has been very cautious of everything she does, such as wearing shower caps if she has sleep overs, she even been keeping her hair up, and not sharing brushes.
At this point, it is a mystery to her. Lice happens, and for some it occurs quite often. Rest assured, we are here to help make the mysteries of having lice solved.  HF BG

"Happy birthday to our client, we present her with braids for her birthday! SF HF"

Bittersweet of an experience for our client yesterday. Though she had head lice, we know it's not a biggy, and we were able to help make it up with fancy updo and flowers on her hair after we treated her! Happy bday to her and her parents were happy with the end result! She was able to enjoy her bday without any worries! Double yay! 

To do list

On a busy busy Friday afternoon we had a mom who had 101 things on her to do list before her vacation. As soon as her phone rang all her to do list went flying out of the window! She had no choice but to be planted at Hair Fairies for the next 3 hours. She asked us where she could get a little trinket or gift for a family member and we told her that the next block over had TONS of places where she could find the perfect gift. Check! Next on her list was to get just a little bit tan. The sun was beaming and the weather was perfect. She sat outside for an hour "roasting" as she liked to call it. Check! Last on her list was to get dinner for everyone back home. We gave her the huge list of places where she could get yummy meals. Check check check! We took care of the most important item on the list that day : getting rid of the lice! 
Burlingame school Check

Burlingame school Check

Today Burlingame and San Francisco went to South Hillsborough school, it went very smoothly, no chaos whatsoever. I want to thank them for having us over. Also, the staff were very cooperative and wonderful. We hope to Come back to this school again in the near future to help prevent any future lice outbreaks.

Creating Awareness

Creating Awareness,
One of the things that Hair Fairies always suggests parents to do is to let their circle of friends know that they are dealing with lice
and to ask their friends to check for any signs of lice as to prevent getting it back again. One mom said to me "well I don't 
think that any of our friends have ever had it, i don't recall anyone talking to me about lice". This is something that happens a 
lot specially among teenagers everyone is afraid to say something due to all the outdated information that is out there and all the
myths surrounding the topic of head lice.
The same mom during the second lice treatment said to me "you were right, now that I'm dealing with lice and I've contacted my friends and I was surprised to find out that many of them have gone through this lice experience and that no one dared to call me and informed me about it because they were embarrassed."
Head Lice is something that people don't want to talk about and is the same reason why it still goes around, communication is KEY!

A new experience is a good experience

Finding my rhythm or what works for me at Hair Fairies is an awesome journey. I am new and still learning my salon but I am not scared to explore new things that will  make me and my team more efficient. The great support I get from managers, my director, the owner is a blessing. I have never been at a job where I am truly appreciated and pushed to grow. My technicians are growing with me and not afraid to embark on this journey with me. As time goes on, I am becoming more confident in myself with being a leader and team player. There are still little hick-ups I encounter but that makes me stronger and wiser. No day is the same here at Hair Fairies Chicago. I appreciate this career and what the future holds!

Brushing With History

Brushing with history,
This week we were treating a client who after discovering she and her daughter had lice was extremely concerned about
what to do with her hairbrush.
This thirty plus mom had managed to hold onto the same hairbrush since she was a small child (seven years old) and it was
given to her as a gift from her grandmother so it had sentimental value to her and now she also used it on her daughter as well.
She thought the she would have to throw it away since she had lice. Once we explained to her that our Eucalyptus laundry additive
could be used to clean hairbrushes she was so relieved.
"Great, I can continue brushing my daughter's hair with history!" she exclaimed.

Mistakes are a learning tool!

Learning and growing from your mistakes is a wonderful thing. Being able to show your team the results of decisions they have made or you made is a great training tool. There are situations with clients where you have to make decisions. The outcome can be great or not so good. But if you stay true to yourself, your team and the company brand, your decision will sit well with you. The outcome will always be different even though the situation is the same; clients getting treated for Lice. No matter how difficult the experience with a client may be you have to maintain an open line of communication and just remember the situation is stressful and everyone handles stress in a different way. Be clear about what we do at Hair Fairies and work together as a team. My team say they are learning from me but I am also learning from them. Learning to trust them more and let them handle difficult tasks but ensuring that they know I am right behind them when they need me. So learning and growing from mistakes is not a bad thing. It builds character!

The City of Lice

Hair Fairies are lice experts. We answer any and all of your questions, wether you think they're silly or not. Can my pet get lice? No, only humans can get head lice. How many nits can they lay? A bug lays 4-5 nits on a daily basis and 150 in its lifetime! We answer all your questions from household cleaning to the best way of letting other know of your infestation. Of all the questions we get asked, this one had to be my favorite: Do lice go on dates? A tiny little 4 year old was dying to know how lice met one another on your head! We told her that lice meet in a little cafe called the Nape Cafe, its a warm spot between the bottom of your head and your neck. Then they have dinner at the Hairline restaurant, located right behind your ear! We went on and on creating this cute little town on her head where lice from all over where destined to meet (and wreak havoc on your head) !

How people get Head Lice

We had a client come in who was in utter shock that she had head lice. She has no children and doesn't work with children. She couldn't think of anyway of how she got these bugs. Once we were done we were able to tell her how long she's had them. There she was able to narrow down to that she must've gotten it on an airplane when she was traveling. Children are not the only way people can get head lice. You can get them from airplanes and movie theatres as well. 

Book A School Screening

Today we went to a school for a free school screening, We ended up finding 11 positive cases of head lice. We're very fortunate to have partnered up with this school to help be proactive about head lice outbreaks and assist them in preventative measures. Due to our diligent screening today, we are planning on booking another screening for the entire school in the near future. For the positive cases, we offer 20% off for their first treatment. 
For any schools out there that need any assistance with a possible screening, please be sure to give us a call at (650)340-9000 or visit our website at www.hairfairies.com

"Fall showers spring flowers here at hair fairies" HFSF

Having head lice can be like fall showers but we want to spring flowers for everyone who come into our location! It hits you when you least expect it and why not make it as pleasant as possible! Kids here can watch a movie, read books, have treats, and get their hair braided or bunned AND color to their hair for fun! 

Sweet Comments

The best way to remain calm about head lice is to make the most of the situation. Recently we had a dad in our salon giving it his all to show his daughter that they would get through this situation as smoothly as possible. After all, it is never anyones choice or fault to contract head lice. Both his daughters had beautiful long hair and the oldest was feeling a little down on her luck for being the only one in the family to  test positive. Dad went on and on about how he wished he had their beautiful locks, and how time had stolen most of his...hair. His youngest daughter jumped in on the opportunity to make the best of the situation and gave him a compliment that made us all smile:
"At least you have a nice shaped head!" A simple comment that made the entire situation seem possible to solve. It was smooth (like a bald head) sailing from there on out.

Birthday Boy

Birthday boy,
A sweet lady came in with her fiancee to get treated for head lice after her fiancee had tried himself to treat her without any luck.
It was the fiancee's birthday and he was a bit upset that he was spending this special day on a head lice removal salon, so his girl 
asked to take a little break form her combing and came back to surprise him with a cupcake.
His face immediately lit up  and had a huge smile on his face!
Creating special memories in Hair Fairies CT!
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