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Sleep Overs!

Sleep Overs
Did you know that head lice is commonly transferred during sleep overs???
mom frantically visited us recently because her daughter had contracted lice during her birthday's sleep over party. We were able to calm down the mom and made her feel at ease during her daughter's comb out process by educating her about lice. We also advised the mom to contact the parents of the kids that attended the sleep over party to have them screened for lice. This would  eliminate the lice being passed back and forth between friends. The mom did as we asked, called the parents, and they brought their kids to our Hair Fairies salon in CT and everyone got screened.
Those who tested positive got treated. Now they can all resume to their activities without having to worry about contracting lice
from their circle of friends. 
At Hair Fairies we advise to SPEAK UP and pass the word around when an outbreak occurs. Communication is key when dealing with 
head lice!

What is a Mother?

What is a mother? She is a hero, a caregiver, a nurse, a cook, a chauffeur, and is always ready with the camera to capture life's precious moments. She is also a provider and a best friend. But what happens when a mother gets that dreadful call from school? "My child has what??? How is that possible??"  Yes, HEAD LICE.  Well, that's where Hair Fairies comes to the rescue. When all else fails, moms sometimes need a little help too.  We are here to ensure that we can tackle any head lice problem for you!  By using all natural ingredients, our treatments are safe for the whole family.  We also offer Lice Repellant Spray, at www.hairfairies.com/rpoducts/, to make sure your home remains lice free. Let us do the Nit Zapping for you! And our Dallas salon also offers haircuts!
For the love of screenings

For the love of screenings

Sometimes our clients love Hair Fairies so much that they hardly want to leave our chairs! Our little client 'P' was getting checked last Thursday and enjoyed his screening so much that he refused to leave his chair or his smock. I decided to check his mom while she did a 'mock' screening on P at the same time. He LOVED it. Everytime she stopped combing his hair he would look back at her and remind her that if she wasn't done being screened by me, neither was he! He even had me spray water in his hair every once in a while! Goes to show that Hair Fairies gives you a positive experience, every time!
Lovely Thank You Letter

Lovely Thank You Letter

Lovely Thank You Letter
It is always a lovely surprise when we receive nice gestures from our appreciative clients, especially when it comes from one of our younger clientele. They too feel relief once their treatments are over and they find out that they are lice free and can continue with their regular activities.
A young girl took the time to thank me for getting rid of her lice by writing me a thank you letter.
I just want to say thank you to her, for her lovely letter, and to all of our clients for choosing Hair Fairies in CT. This is the Hair Fairies way, we care, nurture and educate!

The Amazing Hand Soap

For those that are treating lice at home or have been itching due to lice, you should check out our Foaming Eucalyptus Hand Soap. When it comes to looking for lice, itching, or even treating it, our hands may be vulnerable to picking some lice up in our fingernails especially when they are newly hatched. Young lice are nearly invisible and it is easy to infest yourself while treating someone else. Here at Hair Fairies we always make sure to wash our hands with the Foaming Eucalyptus Hand Soap after treating every one of our clients to protect ourselves from infestation. Come by to any of our Hair Fairies locations and pick some up today!

Hair Fairies Home Kit Plus is our best seller!

All of our Hair Fairies products are effective in combating head lice but little did we know that our best sellers are the home kits we offer for our clients! 
The tally is in and it looks like our Home Kit Pluswhich includes our nit zapping shampoo, Clenz conditioner cream, lice comb, prevention oil, environmental spay, and a free screening card, was the number one best seller in most our our HairFairies locations nationwide! 
If you haven't seen our home kits with all natural non-toxic ingredients, check them out at our online store at http://www.hairfairies.com/ products/

Hair Fairies provides workshops and school checks!

Hair Fairies are here to educate,nurture and care for every person that experience head lice. We not only offer services in the salon but offer school screenings and workshops. If a school wants Hair Fairies to come out for a workshop or school check we are glad to come out. Hair Fairies can do both or one and we bring information to help the school/staff and parents. We offer a free workshop to educate people on checking,treatment and facts on lice. School checks consist of Hair Fairies going out to check students, we offer 2 hours free and students that have lice can come to are salon and get a certain percentage off for treatment. Hair Fairies want to help in anyway to make the process stress free and build a good relationship with each and every person that we come across.

Light it UP BLUE....Autism Awareness

 Light it up BLUE everyone! We at Hair Fairies support April as  Autism month. We wear and show are blue proudly. From nail polish, scrubs, hair and leaving a light on that is blue, we are showing are respect and love for all people battling  with Autism. We at Hair Fairies are excited for the month of April and ask that you support this worth cause with us and wear BLUE!!!!! 

Life Hacks!

A single mother of three brought her kids to be screened for lice last Friday. She said there was a serious outbreak in their school and although she believed that her kids were lice free, she wanted to be 100% sure. Three screenings later, all three of her kids were deemed clear! She told us that her kids were all social butterflies who participated in various sports and after school events, and were constantly bringing their friends over to their house to play and study. One would think that with that much exposure, her kids would surely have had head lice at least once. How did she manager to dodge head lice for 14 years? TEA TREE OIL! Every last one of the products she used contained tea tree oil Not a day went by when her daughter and two sons did not apply tea tree oil in their hair. Her advice to other families: don't let the mayo and olive oil treatments fool you! Tea tree oil will save you lots of time, money and pain in the end! To purchase Hair Fairies all natural Tea Tree Prevention Oil, click on the link!http://www.hairfairies.com/products/

Thank you Dallas

Hair Fairies Dallas, would like to send a special thanks to our wonderful clients, If i could blog about each and every one of you I would. We appreciate yall. With your warm hearts, and southern hospitality you guys make working seem like just a casual day at a salon! I am very pleased that you chose us, Hair Fairies the Head Lice Helpers, during your families time of need! We are, and will continue to be, your safe solution! Thank yall!



When visiting our Hair Fairies salons, make sure to stop and read the messages on our cork boards They are filled with important info concerning head lice. Be sure to also check out the promotions that are going on now or visit our 
web page www.hairfairies.com  for info on products and upcoming events.

"Hair Fairies San Francisco Now Have Numbers for our stations!"

We are excited that we now have have new numbers at each of our stations! Each station is labeled with colorful bright cut out numbers and your very own Hair Fairy Mascot!!!! 
Did you know we also have products to display on each of our stations! check them out here at www.hairfairies.com/products!

The Awesome Laundry Detergent

 Hair Fairies Burlingame is more than excited to finally have our brand new Laundry Detergent, containing pure eucalyptus, in stock at our salon. Using our laundry detergenteliminates the need  to quarantine your bedding for 2 days. We can guarantee that it will help fight lice and keep your laundry smelling great. Come by to our salon and pick some up today!

Hair Faries: where dreams come true!

At the beginning of the week we treated a family who gave their two kids a choice: we can spend the money on a Disneyland trip, or we can go to Hair Fairies and take care of our lice problem once and for all! Both kids chose Hair Fairies, fearing that they would infest the entire park and create a zombie-esque lice outbreak (which sounds kind of cool!) When they came in they were obviously bummed out that Disneyland was no longer part of their spring break plans so Mom made a compromise: kids have to do their own chores, without parents having to ask more than once, AND on top of that kids also have to do adult chores (you know, walk the dogs, make the Saturday morning breakfast, etc) FOR AN ENTIRE MONTH! Without a second of hesitation both kids agreed to all of the above. The happy family left to the place where dreams come true, with one wish already off the list: being head lice free! 
Light It Up Blue

Light It Up Blue

Light It Up Blue
I read an article by  Kerry Magro (a national speaker for autism) that said that over 70 million individuals, and counting,  have autism.
Hair Fairies Salons have united with Autism Speaks' Light It Up Blue campaign to raise awareness and funds to research what causes autism and help individuals that are affected by it. All around the world many major monuments will be lighted blue and in all Hair Fairies locations we have lighted a blue light to show that we to care about this cause and our many clients with autism.
To see more pictures of all Hair Fairies locations lighting it blue visit our website @ www.hairfairies.com
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