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"What Makes a Fairy"

Hair Fairies are more than workers!

We are teachers, who educate.

Care givers who nurture.

A friend who says, "Let me help".

Above all Hair Fairies are like family,

Always there when you need us!

What Are Friends For!

We recently had a mom and her two boys come in to Hair Fairies for lice removal.  Mom didn’t know what to do when her son got sent home from school with lice so she kept searching for at home treatments that were not working. She asked her friend very coyly, “My friend’s kid has lice and she doesn’t know what to do.” The friend replied, “Well my friend told me to go to Hair Fairies.” One mom didn’t want to admit she was the one who needed lice removed and the other mom didn’t want to admit she was the one who went to Hair Fairies. Well in the end they both found it was each other that needed Hair Fairies when they saw each other at the salon. They both had a laugh and made plans to have lunch after they left Hair Fairies lice free. Both moms agreed not to be embarrassed about lice if it ever happened again. Remember just one hug can spread the bug.

"My Fairy"

"My Fairy"
Being that I reside in Dallas, TX my recent trip to Hair Fairies Los Angeles has been incredible. I will forever remember a darling five year old, who was so happy I removed all the lice she didn't want to leave! She even said she missed me when I came back from lunch. She will forever be my fairy!

It's finally here

Spring Break is here! Want to wish everyone a fun, safe spring break vacation, overall I wish everyone a lice free vacation. But in the event that you suspect you may have head lice, stop by Hair Fairies, and we will be happy to help. Enjoy your spring break. 

A Story that deserves your attention - Great Samaritan needs your help!

This week we had a client come in for a check and with a story that caught us by surprise. On March 4th she connected with a homeless man she had passed by every day to and from work. As she tells it, she was moved to help this man who looked like Santa Clause and never asked for anything, just standing in the same spot all morning and evening with a cup out. He was clean, well kept, and only had a briefcase with him.

As she spoke with him she found out he is a Vietnam Vet and Alaskan Bush Pilote who had become homeless and was scheduled to have a leg amputation the following Monday. His wife of 35 years, passed away five years ago to Lymphoma Cancer and they chose not to have children. To pay the bills for her treatment everything was sold, leaving him homeless and alone. At 65 with diabetes so bad he's loosing his left leg and possibly his right foot, he is unemployable in the current job market (tons of young, healthy, available overqualified labor). As he says, "My life has been wonderful and I am so grateful. At the same time this third chapter is sucks!"

Moved to want to help make his Fourth Chapter awesome, she started a fun to raise money to help with his medical expenses and help set up a stable living environment for him.

On the following Tuesday she saw him in his spot. Apparently when he went in the day before for the amputation they told him they were going to take his right leg too and he checked himself out to get another opinion. Without hesitation she brought him home to live with her and has been supporting him finding the enthusiasm for life again.

In the past month his pain level has dropped dramatically, he is eating much better and more consistently. The second medical opinion has paid off and it looks like they can keep his right leg. In the coming days he will go in for the amputation and has 12 weeks of recovery and physical therapy.

If you would like to know more about this story we have two links:
  • Change a man's stars - Michael's Dream - https://www.facebook.com/ pages/Change-a-mans-stars- Michaels-Dream/817847124899056
  • Home & Medical Expense Fund for Michael - http://www.gofundme.com/7e165g

Young Love

Recently, we had one of the cutest stories occur at our Chicago location. While a technician wasworking on a child, this is the conversation the two had.

Girl- I have a boyfriend.
Technician- Oh yeah, how long have you two been together?
Girl- 5 years.
Technician- 5 years?!? You're only 7. You guys met when you were 2?
Mom- (laughing) She isnt joking, they have been together for 5 years. They even stayed together when he switched from a 1/2 daycare to full day. He was gone for a year, and they still stayed together.


Keep Calm,
One of our loyal clients came in with her triplets and this time around weren't so lucky since the triplets ended up having
head lice. They were ok since they had been to our Hair Fairies head lice treatment salon in CT and know that they can
rely on us to take care of their lice problem. One of the triplets wrote on our board "KEEP CALM AND CALL HAIR FAIRIES"
This being said by a 8 year old means a lot to us as a company that mainly works with kids.

Educating is Key

Here at Hair Fairies, our motto is "Care, Nurture, and Educate." So while you are being treated, we go over ways to clean your environment, prevention, and also discuss the facts vs myths when it comes to head lice. Recently, we were working on a child when a frantic mother came in with head lice. The first thing she said when she came in was, "I need to get this treated ASAP, I have a work meeting later and I don't want the lice to jump onto one of my coworkers." Before the technician could answer, the little girl said, "Head lice do not jump or fly."

Spring Break

Many people are getting ready for spring break. Want to wish everyone a fun and safe time. Make sure to keep the head lice away. Only way to make sure to avoid this is to use Hair Fairies Prevention kit to keep the lice away. 

Hair Fairies is a "Close-Nit Family"

Not knowing what to expect a frantic mother and daughter where apprehensive about coming into a head lice removal salon. It wasn't long before our warm and caring lice technicians put their fears at ease. Before they knew it, they were laughing up a storm and were relieved to hear it was a false alarm.
As they were leaving they came and thanked us all and said they had a great time. Mom says "no pun intended, but you can tell you are a "CLOSE-NIT" family in here. Laughter soars and they walk away smiling with a piece of mind.

Thank you for the chocolates from a School Check-HF SF

We had a school head lice screening this week and the school was so nice to give us a box of chocolates! We couldn't thank them enough! We also got parents who thanked us as well!

Did you know we offer 20 percent off treatments to families who attend the same school we are currently screening? Its our new promo for the month and we are receiving just the right buzz!  Call us if you have any questions and want a school head lice screening!

Who's Telling the Truth?

Finding out you have head lice is never a fun thing. It is even more stressful when you do research online and find out a lot of contradictory information. For example, how long can a louse live in the environment? A) 1 month B) 2 weeks, or C) 48 hours? Needless to say, this is very confusing. Which article is accurate? When we started this company, we noticed how much false information was out there, which is why we went had Harvard run studies to find out the facts about head lice.  Recently, one of our clients had a brilliant idea. We should have our own board game. A fun way to educate yourself/ family about head lice and still have a fun family night. 

Dont Be Ashamed

When dealing with head lice, it is extremely important that you notify everyone you/ your family have been around since the infestation began. Recently, we had a family come in who had a mild infestation. Only one member of the family had head lice. We told the parents that they should contact everyone the little girl had hung out with in the last 3 weeks. They said they didn't want to because they didn't want people to know that she had head lice. The problem here is that the little girl got head lice from somewhere, probably by one of her friends she hangs out with. If you don't let people know, and another child has it that your child hangs out with, they will probably keep giving it back and forth to one another. Needless to say, the family came back this week and everyone had it for about 2 weeks. There is nothing to be ashamed of when getting head lice. Usually its the child given it to the parents. The reason being is because the older you are, the more you respect personal space, which isn't always the case for younger individuals. If your child does get head lice, it just means they are sociable and have friends.

Spring Is Here!!!

Spring is here!!!
It Is a wonderful time of year when we get to see all the flowers bloom. Finally Spring is here after such a cold winter!!!
For most people it is the right time to travel and take their kids on Spring vacation for some fun. BUT often people forget to be proactive against head lice. Consequently when they return from vacation dealing with the stress and headache of head lice becomes part of many parents repertoire. This year be prepared and come to one of our head lice treatments salons across the nation to get a screening and stack up on our preventative products so this time you are ready and can fully enjoy your vacation.

"Hair Fairies is great" says one, the other agrees, and we Agree as well! - SF

We have been treating a lot of clients from one school.  The other day our techs were treating two friends at our Head Lice Salon and one girl tells her friend non-nonchalantly, " Hair Fairies is great, I didn't know how pleasant this feels" and her friends replies, "I agree."  We couldn't help but agree with them!  We try to make the experience as pleasant as possible so it all puts smiles on our faces :-)
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