The purpose of lice…

We all know that lice is a pain! Lots of laundry, lots of cleaning, too much to do in very little time! So what gives? Why does head lice exists? This week a client asked to no one in particular: what is the purpose of head lice?? She was at her wits end with these pesky bugs and had lost her patience. A client sitting across from her, who was also dealing with the bugs responded with the following: “Having three kids means head lice has come into my house a few times, I’ve learned that it is not the worst thing that can happen. There are far worse things that can be happening, illness, finances, loss, the list can go on and on. Head lice has never come at a convenient time, but it teaches you about patience, team work, gratitude for the help you receive, it teaches you tolerance, and it humbles you!” Our impatient client really took those words and let them sit for a few minutes when she realized that these annoying little bugs were being taken care of and she (like many others) was going to be O.K. At the end of the day, nobody WANTS to get head lice, but if you do, there are several valuable lessons you can learn from the experience. Although we hope you never contract head lice, Hair Fairies is always going to be here to help you and your loved ones through it all!

Super Lice?!

After being in this industry for so long, we have definitely noticed how lice has built up a resistance to the Over-The-Counter treatments that can be purchased at any pharmacy. Almost every time we get a client that has used the OTC products at home prior to coming in, we still find live crawling lice. It just comes to show that lice are quite resilient and can resist most at home treatments being done. When it really comes down it, the thorough combing along with our product ensure Hair Fairies clients are lice free. If you are ever in need of our assistance, please feel free to call any of our locations at 877.285.0069 or visit our website at www.hairfairies.com

Mysterious Lice Infestation

Recently we had a client come in to get treated at our salon, unfortunately for her this was not her first rodeo. She's caught it every year and has been a very loyal customer of ours for a while now, this will be her 3rd time catching lice. She kept wondering why this always has to happen her, especially since she is in high school now. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to catching lice: sleep overs, airplane rides, sharing clothing, hair-to-hair contact(hugging, selfies, cuddling etc.), public upholstery, and so on. It can be hard to pin point to where exactly you have caught it.  She said she has been very cautious of everything she does, such as wearing shower caps if she has sleep overs, she even been keeping her hair up, and not sharing brushes. At this point, it is a mystery to her. Lice happens, and for some it occurs quite often. Rest assured, we are here to help make the mysteries of having lice solved.  HF BG

Woman goes into labor right after treatment

From one of our clinicians: "So yesterday I was talking to my 9 month pregnant client yesterday, about how we have had 3 pregnant moms that give birth while in treatment. And we were joking on how it might happen to her! SOOO…yup, she went into labor today!!! The hospital called her husband here as I was telling him, the funny stories of former moms!