Summer sports fun and Hair Fairies

Summer sports fun and Hair Fairies, Into our CT location a mom walked in, to have her daughter treated for head lice. She was concerned how her daughter’s hair was going to look since she had baseball practice later that day, and as a rule all the girls in the team are suppose to wear the hair in a bun. Mom was very happy to find out not only that her daughter was going to leave with a braided bun in her hair but that we also suggest to keep the hair up or in a bun or braid along with our preventative tea tree oil to help prevent from getting head lice again.

That Itchy Feeling

Have you been feeling itchy? Not sure if it’s just dry scalp? or a change of product? EveryTuesday we offer free head lice screenings from 9:30AM to 11:30AM. Come on by to get checked and bring your family members too! We have many other promotions as well, feel free to give us a call anytime at 877.285.0069 for further information.

Hair Fairies Lice combs are ready to go! Get them while they’re hot off the shelf! HF SF

We are ecstatic to see our new inventory labeled Hair Fairies -one and only- yours truly Hair Fairies-The Original Head Lice Helpers Lice Combs! As you may already have known, metal Lice combs are recommended to use for manual removal. Not just the comb but we also would like to have you use our Hair Fairies Clenz Cream which is specially formulated with Non-Toxic ingredients that will help loosen any sticky Nits AKA lice eggs off of your hair so it can be easily combed out!

Hair Fairies’ towels are on point! HF SF

We have to re-post this and let you know how much care we take in our towels! Check out our towel cabinet, this is the Hair Fairies way!

Check out our amazing art work! Hair Fairies SF

Even our tip envelopes are on point and decorated by your very on Hair Fairies! Brenda, our tech was being checked for head lice today and while she was being screened, she decorated our tip envelopes! Don’t worry she was lice free! If you come to Hair Fairies San Francisco you will see a large array of artwork from our little clients in our hallway! Come check it out even when you don’t have head lice! You can check us out at www.hairfairies.com

“Towels at Hair Fairies inc are stellar!” HF SF

Check out our towels because here at hair fairies inc. we keep things pristine and unified! We have our towels folded in piles of seven! Check it out!

“Home Treatment visit in San Francisco!” HF SF

Thank you to our client today for having Hair Fairies come over to pay her a visit! We felt really touched and she thanked us for us treating her!

Workshop at Casa Central

Today Hair Fairies experienced a beautiful workshop with Casa Central located in Chicago,IL with a group of educators, parents and children. Learning together about the facts/myths on head lice and receiving the Hair Fairies experience. We strive to give everyone a fun and interactive learning experience when dealing with head lice. We love to travel to schools,camps,daycare’s, before/after school programs and facilities that cater to children and build a relationship and bond with everyone that we come across. Thank you Casa Central for having us!

How do I treat my home after an outbreak?

Your first line of defense is to wash linens, pillowcases, towels, and any hats that have been used in the last 2 days with our Laundry Detergent. Brushes and combs need to be cleaned thoroughly after each use and for the many items that are not machine washable, but must also be cleaned you can use our Hair Fairies Repellent Spray. Remember head lice won’t survive longer than 24 to 48 hours off the human scalp.

Managers Week in SF

Our new managers from San Diego and Portland traveled to San Francisco to meet with Hair Fairies Superstar, Kyle! Both new managers received a prodigious amount of advice from our talented SF manager so that they could take some of that magic back to their own locations. Many many hours were spent treating clients, booking school screenings, marketing to apothecary distributors, and a one-day trip to Burlingame with our CEO and Director. The full gamut of Hair Fairies VIP’s were all in the Bay Area, giving our San Francisco and Burlingame clients a rewarding experience. Although we left our hearts in the Bay, it’s back to business this week to our respective locations with an extra pinch of fairy dust