At Hair Fairies, we love all the moms that come into the salon with their little people! We would like to remind you all to please take care of yourself as well! Call today to make an appointment for a mammogram. You can then call Hair Fairies and get your “Lice Free Status ” for the little ones! #NationalMammographyDay #LiceFREEstatus #HairFairies

#EverydayVampireProblems 🦇 Vampire Lice Have Met Their Match

Here is a conversation with one of younger clients: client: if head lice suck blood does that make them vampires? technician: just like vampires, they need blood to survive client: Hair Fairies are the Lice Vampire Slayers!! Halloween time is one of our favorite times here at Hair Fairies the Head Lice Helpers, and we take pride in making our clients feel comfortable. With a little imagination, we turn fear into fantasy.

Celebrate National Dessert Day

Celebrate National Dessert Day Celebrate National Dessert day with Hair Fairies! Come into one of our salons for your Lice Free status and a Dessert! YUM!

Are You Mistaking Dandruff for Nits?

Did you know that dandruff can easily be mistaken for head lice? This is one of the biggest common mistakes that people tend to make. There’s been numerous amounts of cases where children get sent home from school because they have been misdiagnosed. Here are some key notes on how to identify nits: 1.) Nits are cemented on to the hair strand. 2.) Nits look similar to the shape of a tear drop or even a strawberry seed. 3.) The color of the nit can range from light translucent brown to dark translucent brown. 4.) Nits are usually laid near the nape of the neck, crown, behind the ears, and also the hairline. With these specific details about nits, you can be sure to identify them much easier!  

Your One-Stop-Shop for Lice!

Having difficulty removing head lice on your own? Been spending a lot of money on OTC products and still no results? Spent way too much money on cleaning services and the dry cleaners? Look no further. Hair Fairies is your one-stop-shop for all your head lice needs. We will walk you through the entire process of what needs to be done at home and preventative measures for when you become lice free once and for all! We provide all the products you could possibly need from hair brushes to laundry detergent. Be sure to give us a call today to book your appointment! 877.285.0069

Hair Fairies is proud to support our schools!

Hair Fairies is proud to support our schools! Are you having a fundraiser for programs in your school? Call us we would be happy to support education! Here is one of the many schools in Connecticut we are supporting.

Celebrate #DayoftheGirl at Hair Faries

Girls are: STRONG BEAUTIFUL CREATIVE TALENTED UNIQUE POWERFUL FABULOUS CARING …the list goes on and on. Let Hair Fairies the Head Lice Helpers help empower your supergirls with free head lice screenings on Tuesdays between 9:30-11:30 am! #GIRLPOWER

Boredom No More, Here at Hair Fairies Burlingame

Kids can never get bored here at Hair Fairies Burlingame! We have plenty of DVD’s/movies, tablets, WiFi, toys, snacks, and even candy! We are fully equipped and ready for them to have a great time. Even in the waiting room, you have options to choose any show or movie you want thanks to our awesome Smart TV! So many of our little clients are always looking forward to coming to Hair Faires just to hang out, watch their favorite movies and relax. Come by or give us a call anytime to book an appointment! http://www.hairfairies.com/locations/hair-fairies-sf-burlingame-lice-treatment/


Don’t delay your LICE screeening like Skully did! It’s never to late to get your “Lice FREE” status from Hair Fairies in Fairfield, Connecticut. Call us at 203-259-LICE. Pinky Promise your in good hands!