Do Selfies Cause Head Lice?

A Hug Can Spread The Bug! Head-to-head contact and multiple exposures to someone with head lice over the course of time is how lice spreads from person to person. So, if you feel like your obsession with selfies has left you feeling a little itch, stop by one of our friendly salons and schedule a comprehensive head lice screening. There is no price for peace of mind and that perfect selfie!

Educating everyone about Head Lice

Hair Fairies knows it’s important to educate our clients on head lice and it’s just as important to also educate and nurture our little clients. School age children tend to contract head lice the most and Hair Fairies talks and shares experiences with all ages. We believe everyone should learn about head lice and preventative methods to stay lice free. Visit our website and check out our combing tutorial at Treatment Videos to get your child familiar with the process. This way the treatment wont be scary for them.

Check Out Our Promotions!

Did you know that we have promotions going on at Hair Fairies? One of our favourite promo is “Lucky Tuesdays.” Every Tuesday mornings from 9:30am to 11:30am we offer FREE head lice screenings! Be sure to give us a call at 877.285.0069 for more info. or check out our promotions page: http://www.hairfairies.com/lice-treatment-promotions/

Gifts From Clients!

Like they say, “Hard Work Does Pay Off”. Recently we had a family that came to both our San Francisco and Burlingame locations. They’ve appreciated our services so much that they gave both the SF manager and Burlingame manager complimentary coupons for their store! You definitely can’t beat awesome days like these.

Mom’s are awesome

We love our little clients, and the beautiful messages we always get from them in our little black board!

Happy Mothers Day!!!

Hair Fairies wants to wish every mother a Happy Mothers Day. Hope you enjoyed it with family and friends this past weekend. If it wasn’t for all you beautiful moms, we wouldn’t be here. Mothers rock!

Hip Hip Hooray!

We had two girls in today for screenings who were on the Shelton Middle School Cheer Squad. The girls wanted to come in and get screened just to be on the safe side since lice had been going around their school. Turns out they were lice free and were so happy that when they were done they got up and cheered. Hip Hip Horay! No Lice! They sang and danced all the way out the door!


Hello from Hair Fairies!! Take advantage of those guarantee checks and free screening cards in your kit. Follow our Hair Fairies protocol and keep up with preventative methods when you hear of an outbreak at school. As much as some girls may hate buns or braids they’re a must and will help you stay lice free. There are also a lot of tutorials on different up dos on YouTube to try out. This way you get to spend some extra time with your kids and you both learn new hair techniques.

Beyond the Call of Duty

We recently had a special needs child that needed to get checked for lice. The child did not want to sit in the chair even after many attempts all she wanted was to sit on the floor instead. There were two technicians working in the salon that day. One technician moved all the things needed for a check to the floor where the child was sitting, while the other technician allowed the child to play on her phone. The technician and the girl played on the phone together while the other technician checked her head. Everything turned out fine as the child was lice-free and the mother was extremely happy and thankful we went the extra mile to accommodate her child. Hair Fairies goes above and beyond to assure you are lice free any way possible.

“Your One – Stop – Shop” for your Head Lice Needs

Check out these wonderful products that we have to offer here at Hair Fairies Burlingame! We are a ” One – Stop – Shop” for all your head lice needs and many more! All of our products are non-toxic and very safe to use. For more questions about our services and products give us a call at 650.340.9000 or check out or website! http://www.hairfairies.com/natural-lice-treatment-products/