Hair Fairies pointers on head lice prevention

Hair Fairies can help you with ideas on how to prevent head lice. At home, make sure everyone has their own hair brush just like everyone  has their own toothbrush. Before you style your hair or your child’s hair you can always apply some of our prevention oil to give you a little extra protection. It may be difficult to control, but when kids are around their friends they tend to hug each other, play with one another’s hair, or share hats and clothes…this should definitely be something you want them to stop. Sharing anything puts you at a higher risk of catching head lice, so try to limit or eliminate this if possible. Hair Fairies is always just a phone call away if you need any pointers!

Keeping Your Hair Up for Prevention Measures

Wearing your hair up can actually make a big difference when it comes to preventing head lice. Hair Fairies always recommends to keep hair up in buns or braids because it makes it much harder for you to catch head lice. Ponytails are still at high risk of infestation because your hair is still hanging down loosely where lice can climb up very easily, so make sure you braid that ponytail. We also recommend  preventing any head-to-head contact because that is one of the highest reasons people get head lice. If you would like to hear more about our preventative measures, give us a call to any of our locations at 877.285.0069 #hairfairiesburlingame

Happy February!!!

Happy February to all you beautiful people. This is Black History Month and Valentines Day :-). Learning about Black History can be fun and informative for everyone, so don’t forget to enhance your knowledge on some great people and events that have happened throughout history. As for valentine’s day Hair Fairies loves to give every single family the clean bill of health and a piece of candy or two to sweeten up your day!

Hair Fairies Burlingame are NOW HIRING!

Have you ever been wanting a new career change? Would you like to work in a fast paced environment? Do you like working with children? If you answered YES to all three of these questions, Hair Fairies might be the job for you! We’re looking for 3 dedicated hardworking individuals to fill our Hair Fairy lice technician position at our Burlingame Hair Fairies location. Hours are quite flexible and it’s a great working environment! Please give us a call at 650.340.9000 for more information, or check us at at www.hairfairies.com

Welcome 2016!

As we have welcomed 2016, We would like to thank each and every client for coming to Hair Fairies Dallas. We are your head lice helpers one stop shop. It is our pleasure to assist your families in this frantic situation.

Tips From A Fairy

Tips from us! When first hearing about a head lice epidemic, check your child by checking the nape of neck, behind ears, and hair line. Keeping your child’s hair pulled up in a bun or braids is the best thing you can do for prevention and using Hair Fairies prevention oil goes a long way! You can also share tips with your child like not to share any hair accessories, brushes, and hats. Giving high fives at school instead of a hug! Hope this helps!

Hair Faireis -SF-Thank you Sanchez elementary for booking a kids fair at your school with us! 

We deeply appreciate partnering up with schools since we offer free head lice screenings and workshops to help the community at the school better know how to check and treat head lice. We want to thank Sanchez Elementary School for referring us and having us come in to meet and screen the kids there!!!

Hair Fairies – SF- Salon chairs in tip-top shape! 

Hair Fairies has been in business for 17 years and we have awesome stellar salon chairs! Hair Fairies San Francisco has a repair shop that fixes all our chairs! Here’s a pic of the store and we are expecting them to come look at our chairs and have them all in tip-top shape for our clients.

Hair Fairies-SF “Employee appreciation day! HF SF”

One of our Hair Fairies Brenda, bought some red velvet cookies for us! They’re fluffy and soft and just plain delicious! We really appreciate all these sweet treats we have been getting! 

Hair Fairies- SF “Thank you for the awesome cupcake! HF SF” 

Our clients thank us for a job well done with extra treats! We couldn’t help but share this with you!