November is here!

Hair Fairies loves the month of November! We put cute decorations up and always have coffee brewing for our clients. Little one's can enjoy snacks and cookies while waiting or while being treated. We want to make you feel comfortable when you are here.

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These

Sweet Dreams are made of these, Just as we said that we were going to stop eating processed sugar, our clients have been bringing us sweet, delicious treats that have made it impossible  for us to resist.

Lice Saver

"Lice" Saver   Gratitude comes in many different forms, we had a sweet lady come to our Hair Fairies lice treatment salon in CT  because she is a teacher and end up contracting head lice from one of her students. At first she was very nervous because  she thought that she was going to miss a lot of days of  work, until we educated her and told her she can go right back to work after her first treatment was completed. She left with a smile on her face and sent us a box of cookies and a thank you card to show her appreciation.  

Hair Fairies Portland!!

We’re really excited for our newest location opening up in Portland, Oregon.The newest addition will be at 2351 NW Westover Rd, Suite #240, Portland, OR 97210. You can give us a call to schedule an appointment at 503.306.LICE(5423). http://www.hairfairies.com/locations/portland.htm

Are You a Concerned Parent?

Are you a parent that is concerned your child will possibly catch lice at their school? Well no need to worry, because we offer free school screenings for up to 2 hours! It’s definitely good to be proactive and prevent from any Head Lice spreading further throughout your child’s school. Please feel free to give us a call at 650.340.9000 or check out our website at http://www.hairfairies.com/locations/sf-burlingame.htm

Happy Halloween from Hair Fairies!!!

Happy Halloween from Hair Fairies!!!!!  We love to see your scary and/or pretty costumes every Halloween. We take part in the festivities with our Hair Fairies costume competition between all salons. Some Hair Fairies are very competitive so we have to make sure we win this year. Everyone is welcome to stop by for checks, treatments, and especially CANDY.If you just want to stop by and show us your costume, that's ok too! Have a safe and fun evening!

Thank You

Hair Fairies Dallas would like to thank each and everyone! I often blog about a certain family that we see in our salon, but in actuality all of you play an important part of our work day. We pride ourselves at Hair Fairies to deliver outstanding customer service. We know this is the last thing you all as parents need to happen in your busy life, but we are so honored to take care of all of you guys! So again Hair Fairies Dallas wants to say, THANK YOU

Halloween is almost here!!!

Halloween is almost here and Hair Fairies loves to see the little trick or treaters in their costumes. We celebrate with wearing  Halloween hats, having decorations all over our salon, and lots of candy for everyone. Coming to one of our locations is a spooky fun adventure 😉

Halloween at Hair Fairies Burlingame!

Halloween is right around the corner! Does everyone have their decorations all set up at home? Here at Hair Fairies we get quite festive when it comes to Halloween. It come just once a year! Take a look at our well decorated shop at Hair Fairies Burlingame.

Hair Fairies products selling like hot cakes SF HF

Did you know if any of your closest Hair Fairies locations are still not close enough, you can order them online at www.hairfairies.com?! We are also on Amazon.com so please check us out!