Hair Fairies is the safe solution for frantic families dealing with head lice.

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Healthcare Professionals

Hair Fairies is proud to partner with physicians and pharmacists anywhere to promote head lice education and how our products and services can help. We can offer free screenings as a service to your patients as well!

Medical Reimbursement

For over a decade Hair Fairies treatment has been reimbursable by medical insurance. To foster success in coverage please fill out our referral form for your patients coming to Hair Fairies.

Letter to Doctors

Letter to Pharmacists

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Here are the Top 10 Physicians that Love Us!

  1. Dr. J. Gordon, Los Angeles
  2. 10th St. Pediatrics, Los Angeles
  3. Town and Country Pediatrics, Chicago
  4. Dr. S. Goldstein, Chicago
  5. Dr. J. Tan, San Francisco
  6. Dr. Connolly, San Francisco
  7. Dr. Richards, San Diego
  8. Dr. G. Gainor, San Diego
  9. Dr. Roure, New York
  10. Dr. Franklin, New York

Medical Advisory Board

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