Head Lice No Treat for Halloween

Hair Fairies Gives Tips for To Avoid Head Lice Tricks

LOS ANGELES — Oct. 25, 2012 Halloween costumes are happy hunting grounds for head lice and Hair Fairies, the national and leading safe solution for frantic families, gives some tips to avoid contracting the annoying parasites:

  • Purchase costumes in sealed bags or boxes.
  • Reused costumes should be laundered or dry cleaned before use.
  • Any headgear such as hoods, wigs, hats, veils and so on should never be shared or passed around.
  • Any bed linens, including blankets, from sleep-overs should be washed in hot water immediately after.
  • Inspect the head of each child after any costumes are worn for visible lice or eggs: section the hair close to the scalp with a metal rat-tail comb and look for black or dark brown “bumps”.

If head lice do occur, Hair Fairies has a high success rate because its three-step process has been proven for more than a decade. The technicians evaluate the stage of infestation, physically "nit-pick" the active lice and eggs from the head and provide treatment to condition the scalp with USDA organic approved products that discourage immediate re-infestation. Harsh chemicals are never part of Hair Fairies product ingredients.

Most insurance companies approve partial payment of Hair Fairies treatments that also qualify for Flexible Spending Accounts, a validation of the treatments success. More information about Hair Fairies, including its at-home program and special coupons, is available at www.hairfairies.com.

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