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About The Design of the Hair Fairies Commercial Website

The marketing of the Hair Fairies website is managed by LA Dezign, a brand positioning agency in Los Angeles offering website creation, design and search engine traffic and marketing strategies to businesses who want to promote their offline brands on the Internet.

The Hair Fairies website fell into the laps of the lead generating brains at LA Dezign.

Hair Fairies represented a unique situation because its target audience included people buying their products for home delivery AND separately people making appointments to come into the Hair Fairies salons. From one perspective, the site required a catalog to display its lice shampoo  products and accessories. From the other perspective, each salon needed a point of presence to speak to the local audience encouraging them to come in for a personal treatment.

One of the other marketing goals was to foster an experience that could meet the needs of both individual consumers (mostly moms it turns out) and separately the intermediaries like schools and medical care providers that would refer kids with lice. This duality of needs presented the marketing team with an opportunity to still be playful with the site while still keeping a high-end feel to the website. As you navigate through the site pay careful attention to the segmentation of navigation choices in different parts of the site to see how both sets of customers were addressed.

Since Hair Fairies is in Los Angeles, this made the project much easier to deliver as the redesign staff was able to meet in person with the Hair Fairies team. LA Dezign was successful at keeping the original offline branding that was previously created while giving Hair Fairies a fresh, new, online presence that matched the current trends in the marketplace

LA Dezign Comments on its Corporate Website Design Services

LA Dezign provides graphic website design services, ecommerce store creation utilizing the Adrecom eCommerce Suite, corporate brochureware type websites, online reputation management, search marketing (search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing) and social media marketing management campaigns.

Has it been years since you invested in your company’s website? Is your online brand limited to a shallow representation of your company’s capabilities? It might be time to think about getting an up-to-date website that connects with your target audience and educates them about what you offer, who you do business with and why your company is a good choice for them. LA Dezign presents clients with a compelling excuse to invest online.

Whether you need a website you can edit on your own, or you want a site that matches (or exceeds) what your competitors are doing online, or you simply need traffic from search engines like Google and Bing, then it pays to learn more about the LA Dezign dream team. In short, when you engage LA Dezign to help empower your brand online, you will do a much better job running and growing your business.

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