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Birthdays, Career goals, Parent Wishes and Farewells

Collectively the funniest quotes we've repeatedly heard at Hair Fairies nationwide are:

  • "Can I have my birthday party at Hair Fairies"
  • "When I grow up I want to be a Hair Fairy"
  • "You guys should have a bar"
  • "We love you, but we hope to never have to see you again"

Head Lice, Nits and Movies

One of our kids wasn't concerned about how many nits or bugs she had, but she was really worried that she couldn't finish her movie, "The Parent Trap" on time!



"Having to deal with lice is never fun, but it is a reality for anybody with children. Nothing about having lice is good, but thank God there is a place like Hair Fairies to ease the discomfort. The experienced technicians are pleasant, thorough and make the whole process less intimidating. It was such a relief to know they were getting the job done for us all. I hope we won't need it, but if we do again, we will definitely return to Hair Fairies."
-Brooke Shields


"Hair Fairies provides compassionate, knowledgeable care for head lice and currently the only solution. In fact, the San Francisco City and County Department of Public Health is now recommending Hair Fairies."
- Sara Newman, San Francisco, CA


"Shaila and Lourdes at Hair Fairies were absolutely fantastic. They spent the time with my daughters and with their expertise we are lice free after one treatment. I'm a physician and could never have the patience and time they did treating my daughters. We are grateful for all they have done and won't waste a second coming back if my daughters start scratching their heads. "
- Dr. Lawrence F. Physician

"We refer many of our patients to Hair Fairies™ for head lice removal. We always receive positive feedback from our patients regarding their work."
- Dr. Jay Gordon and Linda Nussbaum, Pediatricians Santa Monica, CA

"I refer my patients to Hair Fairies because their service and products have proven to be an effective method to remove head lice. My patients have been very happy with Hair Fairies."
- Dr. Peppitone, Physician, San Francisco, CA

"I recommend your services every time I get a patient with Head Lice. Hair Fairies gets the job done right!"
- Dr. Palmo Pasquareallo, Pediatrician, New York, NY

"When patients come in or call with head lice issues, we always recommend Hair Fairies as their source for removal!"
- Dr. Sol Zimmerman, Pediatrician, New York, NY

"I have sent children with severe infestations to your company and the parents have been very happy with the results. You guys are very thorough and the use of non-chemical products are great!"
- Dr. Rosenfield, Pediatrician, New York, NY

"Hair Fairies provides a treatment and prevention option that is complete! We are also happy that they provide excellent education about head lice and prevention, and that they are willing to work with insurance companies to help with the costs involved. Their staff is very professional! Thank you Hair Fairies!"
- Dr. JJ Levenstein, Pediatrician, Encino, CA


"I just wanted to share my experience with the Hair Fairies. First they came to my school and they were wonderful. The team, Deyanira and ?? were terrific with the kids. they screened over 100 kids and did find lice among the students. they explained how to treat it, gave out samples and cards for screenings. Many students returned to me the next day, asking "where are the people to check our heads" Then I received a box full of pamphlets, pencils, stickers and some products. I shared with my school nurse and parent coordinator and fellow guidance counselors. But best of all the hair fairies helped out a family in need. The family has been dealing with the lice issue for a while. The student feels frustrated. Hair Fairies offered to "treat" the family and the student returned to me and said, "i am clean! no more lice!" she is so happy, her hair looks nice and shiny from the product. she has improved attendance. I still have students who mention the Hair Fairies, and how nice they were.On behalf of the IS 93 community, Thank you Hair Fairies New York!"
-Debby Hartz, Guidance Counselor, Ridgewood, NY

" A huge THANK YOU for donating your time to our school. The two mornings you were here were so productive and helpful."
- Stephanie Schulman, Principal Westwood Charter Public Schools Los Angeles

" The Hair Fairies are truly angels! The warm and friendly employees ease the minds of worried parents whose children have been sent home with head lice."
- Sari Altman, teacher Temple Aliyah in Woodland Hills, CA

"The meeting informing our school staff and faculty about lice was very informative."
- Marie M., Chicago, IL

"Hair Fairies is a wonderful resource for parents, teachers, and administrators, providing information and help dealing with a sensitive issue."
- Mary S., School Principal, Chicago, IL

"We could not have had better technicians. ... Their interactions with staff and students were outstanding. I want to extend the gratitude of the entire staff and administration for the successful day!"
- Mary J., Elementary School Principal, Chicago, IL


"Our family had to go in for treatment a few weeks ago at Hair Fairies. Kyle was professional, kind and attentive from our first phone call. It turns out two out of the five of us had lice (my 7 year old boy with long shoulder length ringlets and me). Kyle was thorough and patient and kind everytime he combed us out. He consistently checked in to make sure he wasn't hurting Joshua and that he was doing okay. He made our experience so pleasant.

In addition, I had the opportunity to observe his management skills (since we spent so much time at HF!). He was supportive and friendly to his staff, while still making sure that the work got done. You knew he was in charge! He also had to deal with a sticky situation with another customer, and did so with grace. Kyle is really a treasure - you are lucky to have him!

Finally we are grateful for the HF contribution to our children's school's 50th anniversary this Spring (ultimate home kit for our silent auction). HF really supports the community as well.

I have only the best things to say about our experience at HF and Kyle had everything to do with it! Lena was excellent as well.

Congratulations on your wonderful team. Just so you know, I asked Kyle for your e-mail to write to you to commend his services.

All the best,

«When I discovered my children had head lice it was very stressful and emotional. I would strongly urge anyone who is experiencing this problem to come to Hair Fairies. It is comforting to know there is a specialty salon that can help desperate families.»
- Pam Alessio

"The people at Hair Fairies™ were understanding and thoughtful it made the whole situation much easier. I would highly recommend them to the parents.
- Diane Mitchell, mother of three-year-old twins Sherman Oaks, CA

"You professionally treated my children in a safe kid-friendly environment and they are now lice-free! I would recommend your services to anyone!"
- Regina, Mother of two Brooklyn, NY

"It didn't cost as much as I thought…Hair Fairies are quick, thorough and efficient. I love the parent and kid-friendly environment."
- Gloria Soble, Mother North Hollywood, CA

"After having lice for the second time in three months, I was overwhelmed. Hair Fairies detected eggs I would have never seen! Their products are 100% natural and that gave me peace of mind... Highly recommend them!"

- Mother of 2 curly haired girls, Chicago, IL

"Our family is grateful to Hair Fairies for helping us with our lice condition. While we tried over-the-counter lice removal/elimination products they were not effective. The Hair Fairies products used to remove lice... work!"
- Maureen Brookover, Chicago, IL

"Hair Fairies did a wonderful job taking care of this very personal problem. The staff was professional and friendly and the use of organic products was a bonus! Our family would recommend Hair Fairies because they are thorough and helpful."

- Nelson Family, Chicago, IL

"The treatments were painless, toxin free and the guarantee held true - we were all lice free after the third treatment. The entire staff was reassuring and knowledgeable. ... I no longer wince when I think of the future possibility of getting lice. Furthermore, I have three children who actually ask when they can go back!"
- Sullivan Family, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for offering this service. It is a godsend."

- Martha

"Your products were much more user-friendly and much less harsh than those we bought at the pharmacy. Also, the lice and nit removal sessions at the shop were exponentially more effective than anything we would have been able to do ourselves."
- Ashley N., Chicago, IL

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! To all of you very special people at Hair Fairies! We don't know what we would have done without you!"

- Katz Family, New York, NY

"When I found out both my daughters had head lice I panicked! The people at Hair Fairies gave me so much information and set my mind at ease. Thank you so much!"

- Patricia C., New York, NY

"We absolutely loved the staff and atmosphere of Hair Fairies. They provided education to all the misconceptions of treating head lice, while at the same time showing the highest level of customer service."

- Stacy S., mother of three, San Carlos, CA

"As a teenager with head lice, I was embarrassed at first. But Hair Fairies not only got rid of it, but also created a fun and relaxing environment. Thank you all so much!"

- Katie E., High School Student, San Anselmo, CA

"Hair Fairies are amazing! They offer wonderful, professional service and a caring knowledgeable staff. I would highly recommend them for families and schools. They are definitely well worth it. I cannot say enough."
- Diana D., San Francisco, CA

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