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We at Hair Fairies are determined to help you manage your head lice problem one way or another. Our mission is to help families help themselves. Our step-by-step tutorial was developed with over a decade of secret information packed into it and is now available to the public for free. In addition, a free hotline is available to help with any questions or concerns at 1-877-285-0069.


Our head lice removal system is known as Nit-Zapping, ™ and has helped thousands of families get rid of head lice. Our products are natural, non-toxic, and used in schools across the country. Hair Fairies recommends contacting your physician prior to starting any head lice removal treatment. All of the products used in the video are available through our website or on

1. Evaluation

If a family member is suspected of having lice, it's very important that everyone in the family is screened. If one child has lice, then the siblings have an 80% chance of catching them too.

There are 4 major areas to check: the front of the hair line, behind both ears, the crown, and the back of the neck (the nape). Start by separating the hair, and using a regular plastic comb, press down on the hair. This will make the nits pop up and easier to see.
Next, use the "looping method," which also makes the nits and lice easier to see. The looping method is demonstrated on the video. Examine the whole head. The process takes about 15 minutes per person.

2. Nit Picking

Recommended products: Nit-Zapping Clenz Cream and a Nit-Zapping Comb.
Completely wet the hair with a spray bottle, or in the sink. Apply Nit-Zapping Clenz Cream to the entire head. Use a regular plastic comb to spread the cream through all the hair strands.

Using the special Nit-Zapping Comb, begin combing out the nits and lice. Begin at the forehead and work to the base of the neck. Keep the comb parallel to the scalp. After every few strokes, make sure to wipe the comb with the excess cream, nits and bugs onto a WHITE towel. The hair will dry up several times through this process so reapply water as necessary.

Comb front to back, side to side in both directions (right to left and left to right), straight down the middle and finally back to front. Always comb to the very end of the hair, as this ensures the eggs are fully removed, and not just moved down the hair shaft. The entire head must be worked on. To see exactly how this is done, please follow the video. Repeat these steps until nothing is found on the comb.

3. Treatment

Recommended products: Clenz Shampoo and the Nit-Zapping Prevention Oil.
The comb takes out about 80% of the visible lice and nits. The head must now be examined for the remaining nits.

Blow-dry the hair until completely dry. With a regular plastic comb, use the press down and the looping method, as during step 1, Evaluation. Work carefully from the front of the head to the back, covering the entire head. When a nit is found, isolate it, and use the finger nails to remove, by sliding it all the way down and off the end of the hair strand. Be sure to carefully examine the entire head. The process takes around thirty minutes.

Next, pump a dime size amount of the Prevention Oil onto the palm of the hand, and rub into the fingertips. Start at the front hairline and using just the fingertips, apply the oil on the skin around the hairline (not in the hair). Apply from the front, move back behind the ears, and then all the way to the nape of the neck. Massage any oil left on the hands directly into the whole of the scalp.

Thoroughly wet the head again and apply the Nit Zapping Clenz Shampoo. Work into the scalp until a foam layer covers the entire head. Let the shampoo sit for fifteen minutes. Rinse out. The shampoo loosens the glue on any remaining eggs, and blocks the bugs' ability to reproduce. Everyone must now wash their hands carefully, including under the nails.

4. Follow-up

To ensure the pesky parasites are eliminated, Hair Fairies recommends the Nit-Zapping process be repeated 2 more times, with 3 day intervals. A 4th and final treatment comes 7 days after the 3rd treatment, and does not require the application of the Nit-Zapping Prevention Oil or Shampoo.


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