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The Hair Fairies Difference

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We founded Hair Fairies in 1999 on a commitment to families. We’ve made it our mission — and our promise — to provide the best head lice removal methods and products worldwide. Our motto says it all: Safe Solutions for Frantic Families!


If you’re reading this because someone in your family has head lice, remember this: You are not alone. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that up to 12 million people in the U.S. will get head lice this year, most of them children. Head lice causes kids to miss about 24 million school days annually.

So remember, there’s no shame in getting head lice. And we can help you solve your problem — in one treatment if your case is not severe and only two treatments if it is severe.

Hair Fairies has conducted extensive research to develop and refine our effective head lice removal techniques and non-toxic, plant-based products. Our trained technicians work meticulously to remove head lice in our guilt-free, kidfriendly salons and through our mobile care services. Our treatments are 100% guaranteed.

We offer free online head lice removal tutorials, plus a toll-free support number where you can talk to a Hair Fairies technician – 877-285-0069.


We recognize that not everyone will be able to access our services. We created an affiliated nonprofit entity — Pediatric Scalp Care Specialists — which provides free services to underserved families, along with education for parents, school administrators, physicians and the public about head lice.


“Thank you again for coming to our school. You are efficient and streamlined! We got a lot of kids and adults screened. We also learned what we need to know about lice and what we can do to prevent further infestations. This is an invaluable service.”

– The Da Vinci School, Dallas, TX


“Hair Fairies provides a treatment and prevention option that is complete! We are also happy that they provide excellent education about head lice and prevention, and that they are willing to work with insurance companies to help with the costs involved. The staff is very professional!”

– Dr. JJ Levenstein, pediatrician, Encino, CA


“Having to deal with lice is never fun, but it is a reality for anybody with children. Nothing about having lice is good, but thank God there is a place like Hair Fairies to ease the discomfort. The experienced technicians are pleasant, thorough and make the whole process less intimidating. It was such a relief. I hope we won’t need it, but if we do again, we will definitely return to Hair Fairies.”

– Brooke Shields