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Can Pets Get Lice? Dogs, Cats & Lice

Head lice are a fact of life for young children, particularly in a school or daycare setting. When you are shampooing your child's head for the fifth time in two days, you may find yourself wondering if it can get any worse. The good news is that lice are fairly easy to kill with the right treatment. The bad news is that your child isn't the only one who can get them — your pets...
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Super Lice: Lice Resistant to Treatment

You have heard of antibiotic-resistant bacteria and viruses that have developed an immunity to certain medical treatments. What you may not know, however, is that lice have joined the list of things that are becoming increasingly more difficult to treat. Finding a louse is every parent and teacher's worst nightmare, but the fact that head lice are becoming resistant to common treatments adds a whole new level of horror. Reports of failed treatments are becoming...
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Why Gasoline as a Lice Treatment Is a Tragedy Waiting to Happen

When it comes to infestations of any kind, many people think the solution is to "kill it with fire." While there is nothing more satisfying than watching a hornet's nest go up in flame, imagining your child's head as the nest is quite a different story. If that image shocks you, you may be even more traumatized to learn that tragedies like this have actually happened. There are actually people out there who have tried...
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Lice Eggs, Nits, Nymphs & Adults: FAQ

A female louse may only lay up to 6 eggs per day, but most of those eggs will eventually turn into egg-laying adults. Over the course of its 30-day lifespan, an adult louse can lay nearly 200 eggs. Depending on the sensitivity of your child's scalp, it can take weeks for obvious symptoms of a lice infestation to develop. Itching may be mild at first, but as the infestation grows, your child could develop a...
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Summer Camp Head Lice Preparedness

With summer right around the corner, it's time to start thinking ahead. If your child goes to summer camp every year, you probably already know what to expect, but there is something you may not be entirely prepared for — head lice. It only takes one child with head lice to take over the entire camp, making the summer miserable for everyone involved. Fortunately, preventing head lice is fairly easy if you know what to...
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