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Lice Remedy Articles

Hair Fairies Fairy

Almost all home remedies for lice function the same way: they rely on the process of suffocation to eliminate active lice. Unfortunately, this does nothing to remove lice eggs (nits).

With head lice, two things are happening simultaneously:

  1. Dormant eggs (nits) are waiting to hatch
  2. Active, live lice are crawling around the scalp, causing itch and irritation

Each stage requires a different method of treatment, and timing is crucial.

Most home lice remedies kill only the active lice and do nothing to eliminate the eggs themselves. What this means is that even after the messy removal of active lice, dormant eggs will likely remain and later hatch, thus prompting the same process all over again.

What works, then?

Browse the articles below for everything lice remedies:

Coconut Oil Lice Treatment: Is It Effective?

Our goal as the "Head Lice Helpers" is to give you as many tools in your arsenal as possible to both prevent and treat head lice. In recent articles, we have discussed the do's and don'ts of home remedies, identifying helpful solutions (tea tree oil) and those that are just plain dangerous (mayonnaise in a plastic bag). The Rundown On a scale of "worthless mumbo jumbo" to "hey, it really works," coconut oil falls somewhere...
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Tea Tree Oil for Lice: Prevention vs. Treatment

Tea tree oil, also known as Melaleuca alternifolia, has played a crucial role in fighting head lice over the years and is often cited as a great home remedy. While we agree that it has some unique and valuable benefits, its efficacy as a standalone treatment has been hampered by the overuse of insecticides (e.g. Permethrin, often sold as Nix and Elimite) and many over-the-counter products over the years, causing lice to build up a...
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Olive Oil Lice Treatment Is Ineffective on Its Own

The Rundown At Hair Fairies, we love olive oil and its many uses. It is a healthy alternative to vegetable oil in cooking, great on salads, and is a staple of the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet. As a home remedy for lice treatment, however, it can be messy, laborious, and expensive. The Ingredients Extra Virgin Olive Oil Hair Fairies Nit-Zapping™ Clenz Shampoo Active ingredient:Extra Virgin Olive Oil Active ingredient:Cyclomethicone Other ingredients:N/A Other ingredients:Tea Tree Oil, Extracts...
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Mayonnaise Lice Treatment: Good or Bad Idea?

The Rundown Treating a head lice outbreak at home can feel like an incredibly daunting task, sending families scrambling for solutions. Online searches for home remedies yield hundreds of results, from Listerine to olive oil, all of which are more likely to lead to increased hassle and heartache than yield actual results. Of these home remedies, mayonnaise might be the worst. Before you decide to turn your child's head into a tuna sandwich, it is...
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Listerine Lice Treatment: Why It Doesn’t Work

The Rundown First of all, don't use Listerine as a treatment for lice. Just don't. It may be an appealing alternative due to its price when compared to the price of lice shampoos and treatments, but that's because it's not a lice shampoo. To be classified as a lice treatment, products must go through extensive testing by the FDA and other regulatory agencies, submitted in clinical trials, and proven to be consistently effective. Listerine has...
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