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The Aftermath: How to Prevent Lice from Happening Again

So, you survived your first lice outbreak. It wreaked havoc on your routines, your clothes, your home — not to mention your psyche. Maybe you called Hair Fairies, or maybe you spent days with various home treatments, but in the end you came out on top! The lice are gone. You are a true lice warrior and should be commended for your valor. Unfortunately, the battle was not without casualties. Chances are you spent a...
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Better Not Shout, Better Not Cry: When It’s Lice, Don’t Panic – Here Is Why

Head lice can turn a frantic holiday season into a downright horrible one. The age-old problem of head lice doesn't take a break to celebrate the holidays; as a matter of fact, it is quite the opposite. Group photos, shared homes and bedding, and the reintroduction of winter hats and scarves provides the perfect setting for a lice infestation. When a family member has head lice, panic sets in and there is a mountain of...
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The Many Hidden Costs of Head Lice

We have shared many posts about the dangers of home remedies for head lice, including safety, chemical exposure, and risk of cross pollination among family members. In this post, we want to address perhaps the most important factor – cost! Professional lice removal can be expensive, especially when multiple family members in the home are affected. However, procrastination in the form of attempting to rid yourself or your family of lice via home remedies is...
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Lice vs. Dandruff, Nits & Dry Scalp: What’s the Difference?

Nobody enjoys an itchy scalp. Unless it is a chronic condition, lice are often the first concern when the scalp suddenly begins to itch — particularly if you or your children have been exposed to a recent outbreak at school, in day care, or during some sort of group activity (e.g. summer camp). Because lice are extremely common and contagious, it is important to be able to distinguish between lice, nits, dandruff, and a dry...
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Coconut Oil Lice Treatment: Is It Effective?

Our goal as the "Head Lice Helpers" is to give you as many tools in your arsenal as possible to both prevent and treat head lice. In recent articles, we have discussed the do's and don'ts of home remedies, identifying helpful solutions (tea tree oil) and those that are just plain dangerous (mayonnaise in a plastic bag). The Rundown On a scale of "worthless mumbo jumbo" to "hey, it really works," coconut oil falls somewhere...
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