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Listerine Lice Treatment: Why It Doesn’t Work

The Rundown First of all, don't use Listerine as a treatment for lice. Just don't. It may be an appealing alternative due to its price when compared to the price of lice shampoos and treatments, but that's because it's not a lice shampoo. To be classified as a lice treatment, products must go through extensive testing by the FDA and other regulatory agencies, submitted in clinical trials, and proven to be consistently effective. Listerine has...
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Hair Fairies’ Maria Botham on The Dr. Oz Show

Maria's segment begins at the 1:05 mark. — Original video viewable at doctoroz.com We are so excited and pleased to announce that Hair Fairies CEO Maria Botham appeared on the Dr. Oz Show on April 10, 2017. Maria demonstrated the patented “nit-zapping” lice treatment method which Hair Fairies has developed over the years to get rid of lice naturally and effectively. The segment, titled "Settle It for Good: Should You Worry? The New Mutant Super...
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Welcome to Our Head Lice Blog!

Welcome to the Hair Fairies blog. The world's best head lice blog ever! This is a place where you can learn how to detect, treat and also prevent head lice and nits. You can post all your questions, and we'll do our best to provide the solutions. Hair Fairies believes in spreading the love, not the head lice, so we'll be sharing lots of great free tips on just how to deal with those pesky...
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