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Welcome to Our Head Lice Blog!

Last modified: May 13, 2017. Information verified by President/CEO Maria Botham.

Welcome to the Hair Fairies blog. The world’s best head lice blog ever! This is a place where you can learn how to detect, treat and also prevent head lice and nits. You can post all your questions, and we’ll do our best to provide the solutions. Hair Fairies believes in spreading the love, not the head lice, so we’ll be sharing lots of great free tips on just how to deal with those pesky bugs. Remember: head lice and nits are only small and you can beat them!

A head lice infestation can be a traumatic experience for the family. If you’re a mom who’s been combing the kids’ hair for weeks, with mayo nightmare oil goo, and washing 100s of sheets, you’ll know this. The Hair Fairies blog is a place where you can find some psychological therapy to wash away your pain. go ahead and tell us your battle stories! Express, vent, share, let it all out! We’d love to hear about your experiences, and we’ll be happy to offer you advice and bring back those smiles. Hair Fairies only ever uses safe, natural and non toxic products, and we never use mayo.

Of course, the Hair Fairies salons are always buzzing with kids and families, so we have tons of cute stories that we’re going to share with you too. Like the 4 year old Chicago girl who had so much fun in the Hair Fairies salon, that she asked her mom if she could have her birthday party right there. Or in the LA salon when 2 separate families came in at the same time, and both moms were called Diana and both daughters were called Elspeth AND they were all wearing Ugg boots! Everyone made friends and exchanged phone numbers.

Our blog is also a full-on educational resource. Check out the categories to the right of the webpage. Want to know more about treatment or prevention? Just click on the category and you’ll see all the blog entries for the topic you choose. If you have more questions about head lice, just go ahead and call any one of our salons on 1.877.285.0069 and you’ll get some free advice over the phone. Together, we will beat those pesky head lice!

Oh and don’t bug out, but these are what head lice look like!