“People assume working with lice may not possibly be fun, but the people we meet and work with makes this job more enjoyable. I feel blessed to have had this opportunity. It has ultimately helped me to grow professionally and being promoted to Lead Technician is that type of blessing”
– Lena Yu, Lead Tech Specialist, Hair Fairies San Francisco

“Helping to educate and nurture families and individuals with head lice is rewarding at Hair Fairies. I have seen how this fundamental ethic has helped us as a professional team to become valuable specialists in our line of work. The consistent support, respect, and acknowledgement of our work in the smiles of our little clients and Hair Fairies colleagues has made this work experience enjoyable and beneficial.”
– Kyle Vuong, Manager, Hair Fairies San Francisco

“Hair Fairies is wonderful to work at. The team brought out the best of me, from gaining customer service skills to learning how to work well with others. The atmosphere is like no other — warm, welcoming and always lighthearted. Bonding, reassuring and learning about your client on a deeper level is inevitable at Hair Fairies. That’s why I love coming to work. It’s about the connections you make with others you would never expect to spark a conversation with.”
– Tomoko, Hair Fairies Burlingame

“Hair Fairies has been so good to me. I’m glad to be working for an awesome company that looks after you and actually cares. This is an ideal job. Having the opportunity to grow within the company and a passion to serve the community is such a rewarding feeling. I would highly recommend it.”
– Jennifer, Hair Fairies Burlingame

“I find my job rewarding when our clients express that their battle with the pesky critters has gotten easier and bearable with my help and their newfound education from our services. I love knowing we can provide a calm and child-friendly environment for frantic families and a break from their (sometimes fruitless) at-home efforts”
– Devin Alexander Alvarez, Technician, Hair Fairies San Diego

“As a manager at Hair Fairies, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing individuals; it is definitely a great company to work for! It is very rewarding to be able to help all families in their time of need. We are here to help!”
– Claudia Alvarez, Manager, Hair Fairies San Diego

“Working for Hair Fairies has been very rewarding and life changing. I’ve learned so much and gotten the opportunity to interact with people of many backgrounds and social status, which is great because it helps you grow as an individual. As an employee I have to thank Hair Fairies.”
– Lourdes Pimentel, Hair Fairies New York

“I LOVE working for Hair Fairies. Why? It’s career building! I started as a hairdresser and today I am a manager of one of the salons. I love working with kids, and thanks to Hair Fairies I’m able to do that. It’s definitely gratifying just knowing that you are helping someone and, at the end of the day, that is what really matters.”
– Margie Pimentel, Manager, Hair Fairies New York

“Coming from working for the Dept. of Children Services and finding another exciting, rewarding career with Hair Fairies has been a blessing. I really enjoy sharing the experience with our team members maturing, growing and being promoted within the company. Also, interacting and educating our “little” clients is always an amazing experience. Everyday there’s a different adventure. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”
– Nancy Romero, Director of Operations, Hair Fairies

“In the years that I’ve been here, I’ve learned so much, grown so much, and knowing that I’m helping someone has been so rewarding. The environment is always great. Through the years, Hair Fairies has been there for us, not only as employees, but as individuals”
– Mayra Bautista, Receptionist/ Technician, Hair Fairies Los Angeles

“I love my job! My background is in esthetics and biology. You would think, that is perfect for dealing with head lice!! Except — it’s not. What a wonderful learning experience. Prior to this, I worked in a highend retail industry filled with vanity and greed. This job has been personally fulfilling. I wouldn’t change a thing!”
– Carla, Manager, Hair Fairies Chicago

“My experience working at Hair Fairies has been very humbling. I love being able to help out families in need, and seeing kids having a good time. This is a fun environment and very kid friendly. Being able to hear our clients say how relieved they are and how thankful we are here to help is what makes my job worth it.”
– Ailyn, Technician, Hair Fairies Chicago